Ethernet cables and Cisco Switch Help

I know there is a long ethernet cable topic running already and have been looking at it, I just wanted some advice on specifics from those here

I have a Innuos Zen Mini Mk2 streaming through a Rega DAC into 102/Hi Cap/180, I recently started trying to sort out the network cables so upgraded the cheap cable from phone socket to the Sky router to Cat 5E and that improved speed

From Sky router, hard wired Metz Cat 7 MC GC1000 cable with Telegarten connectors to a TP link 8 port switch. Not expensive but did get recommendations for SQ and has traffic management software. It is unmanaged switch and fanless, it is also plug and play so easy for network numpties like me

I use AQ Pearl from Switch to the Zen and Sonos play bar

I do run another Cat 8 cheap cable from the switch into an adjacent room to another TP Link switch for the computer and a NAS.

So I see that people recommend Cisco 2960 switches, I have found someone in USA selling ones with 7 x 1GB ports, fanless, they are Cisco WS-C2960G-8TC-L Gigabit Ethernet Switch 2960G. Is this what people are using, it is a managed switch but can I plug it in and use it unmanaged?

You guys seem to like the Catsnake ethernet cables and use them in systems way, way above the level of mine so that’s promising. I have found them in the google search but am a bit confused to what to try, I see they are Cat 6a but have options on the screening, am I right in assuming that no connection, i.e. floating is best for Hifi and Home use? I know this means they are Cat 5e but that I believe is still 1GB capable.

So any comments and advice would be appreciated thanks

You seem a bit where I was at a few years back, a mish mash. I have to say, once I went to a full loom of Belden (Blue Jeans 6a and Catsnake) things finally started to come into place (now I’m mostly optical fiber from the main Cisco switch to renderer except for one Ghent Catsnake between Fiber convertors). Floating shield is correct when ordering 6a.

The 2960G every port is full gigabyte - the standard 2960-8-tc-l has one gigabyte link port and eight 10/100. Some say 10/100 ports sound better, but it all depends on your use - my main Cisco switch is a newer one with all 1g as I need that speed for other parts of the house - audio traffic will never exceed 10/100 though.

Sure yes that is fine, and yes you don’t need to ‘manage’ it, in other words programme it, it will work fine in default mode. Just ensure your seller has set it to factory default settings before they sell it to you.

Thanks Simon

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