Ethernet switch

hello I need some help, I have just added a ethernet switch but ndx2 can not be found, I am using a virgin hub in modem setting a linsys router all works wireless, I put the switch in and connect with cable ndx2 can’t be found so do I have to reset ndx 2 for wired connection

Try turning off the ND, switch and router. Turn on the router. Wait. Turn on the switch. Wit. Turn on the ND. See if it then works.

I don’t have an NDX2, but all the Naim kit seems to decide whether to use wired or wireless Ethernet during startup… in effect, you “reset for wired connection” by “turning off the ND” using a complete power cycle (long press on power button, can unplug and count to ten or twenty) and turning it back on again. Probably no need to reboot your switch or router at this point, but of course you can if you wish.

Regards alan

Just checking the obvious… is the new switch plugged into the linksys or the virgin?

the switch is plugged into the virgin

It needs to be plugged into the linksys so everything gets IP address in the same range. Give it a try.

okay thank you will give it a go

The virgin hub is in modem only mode, which means the three other ethernet ports are dead, you have to plug it into the linksys.

Or as AndyR said.

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