Ethernet Switch

And to think that all the OP asked was whether a little Netgear would be ok to provide the extra connections required. To which the answer is clearly ‘yes’.

That’s then followed by the same old bollocks that inevitably appears when anyone raises a perfectly innocent question about switches or ethernet cables. Why are people so obsessed?


Because another part of the OP’s question was if it will have an effect on sound quality with the Nova and unfortunately the unequivocal answer is apparently not “no it will not, Naim’s taking care of it”

Lumin X1 is perhaps the only one to have a fiber Ethernet imput on the streamer. @Simon the great has said that it’s not impossible that Naim will integrate it in the future.
But as others have said, as for philosophy of advertising, Naim can’t write that their streamers are not optimally performing as such, that the customer has to invest in expensive switches and ethernet cables. Neither DCS.
I am reading other forums sometimes and very rarely find a DCS owner with a 4 dollars ethernet cable.

I am one of those :yawning_face:

May I ask a clarifying question? Am I understanding correctly, that you are saying the last Meter of CAT6 cable which connects the Streamer to a Netgear GS305 switch (which in turn is plugged into a LAN wall outlet hard wired with industrial CAT5e to a patch panel, then another switch, then to the router) makes a difference? And that one should pay attention to it and not use just any CAT6 cable?

There is a whole endless thread about this :slight_smile:

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Why not? They are also selling High Line and Super Lumina, and additional boxes to upgrade existing boxes. Nobody is blaming them for this, either

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:blush: I suspected. Anyone care to give a synopsis? I have read 1.7k posts in the last couple days :rofl:

Synopsis: inconclusive, depends :joy:

:joy: thanks :pray:

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I do not understand it either, if the problem can be fixed or mitigated by an audiophile switch, then why the high-end streamers cannot fix it?

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That is an interesting statement. :slight_smile: There must be a problem?

Right? Because one post earlier,

Of course, one could argue that an audiophile switch could make a tremendous difference. And that’s rather true!

So if it is true that a simple solution (which these switches are in the end) makes a “tremendous” difference after I spent 10000 on a streamer, this seems to be a problem

Edit: And notwithstanding the speaker positions that Thomas was referring to. Full agreement from me on that one, but I went to some lengths to do that correctly

Yes , but they are not selling ethernet cables and switch.

You can spend 20 k on a 552 dr too . But if you add a very good powerblock and power cord, your Nac 552 will be considerably uplifted.
But it doesn’t sound broken with a Powerline.

They should if it makes a tremendous difference

I don’t think Naim agree regarding the power cable, they are selling the PowerLine as the best fit

I can’t disagree with the above. Obviously.

That’s an interesting, but endless, debate.

Is a streamer, or any other piece of tech, flawed simply because it could be better?

If we consider that the answer is yes, then almost all tech products are flawed : cars, airplanes, batteries, razors, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Add to it some “planned obsolescence” and almost all tech products are über-flawed :grin:

That’s not how I see things.

I don’t see the point of discussing if a product is or is not flawed.

I tend to consider consumer products for what they are : consumer products!

My view is pretty simple :

I like it, and can afford it, I buy it.

I don’t like it, for any reason, I simply don’t buy it.

Simple (for me, of course)


I see things differently.

My system costed quite an amount…

If adding a “fancy” switch, that costs 700$, makes it sound better. So be it. But I don’t consider my system broken without that fancy switch. It simply sounds “better”.

I also added around 12k of acoustic treatment. My system sounds immensely better, and that’s an understatement! Still, I don’t consider my system broken without the room treatment.

(And trust me, I would never have bought such a system without treating my room. I’d rather spend 20k in a nice headphone system :wink:)


I don’t disagree necessarily with the philosophical questions, but I don’t think they are the point.
It seems that with a small investment, the very good Naim streamers could be much better. Naim sell more costly cables for the same reason. Would Naim not want their streamers to sound much better if it is so simple? I think they would. So why do they not?

Edit: I think nobody expects Naim to include room treatment, but we are talking about small change (if built into the system) that would give them a large advantage over competitors if the switch theories are true.