Probably resurrecting an old subject here but I’ve moved into a new house and the distance from my Nova to the BT Ethernet into the house is 15m. Can I simply run an extension cable along the skirting from the BT hub to my Zen mini mkII?
I’m currently using WiFi but am thinking of future upgrades and have also been told direct connection to the Ethernet is preferable.

Yes and yes.


What James says.

CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet for runs of up to circa 90-100 metres. Fibre optic Ethernet for really long runs.

If possible, put a Cisco 2960 series 8 port switch at one end of the Ethernet too, probably next to your BT Home hub. They are available from the well known auction site for £50-100, so won’t break the bank.

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+1 for the above - yes you can run an extension along the skirting - just be careful not to use strong staples or similar which might damage or kink the cable run.
A cable is preferable to wi-fi. Depending on the construction of your home, wi-fi “might” work fine but why take the risk?

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Wifi can also be excellent, but can require a little technical thought, consideration and design.

Ethernet, for these applications, and the fact that every body uses network switch ports as opposed to network hub ports now is simply plug and play with no real need to consider what else is going on.

The old Ethernet network hubs behaved a bit like Wifi … but are effectively obsolete now.
BTW it’s worth pointing out an Ethernet hub is totally different from a broadband home hub type device… not related at all…

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Should cost no more than £30 for 15 metres of fully qualified Cat 5e for your Ethernet cable, which should be perfect for the job.

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