Eureka moment

Just pulled the trigger on a denon dcd 2500ne. Cd/sacd player.
It is to replace my rega Saturn R , I know the majority here will think I’ve had a stroke, but I have only my silver disc collection which is huge. And I will never stream or download hi Rez music. So I saw this player when it was released and it piqued my interest. Well it’s day two and I have a new insight into my music. This new AL 32 processing really does bring cd to near sacd sound. My trusty supernait 2 and hi cap combo now are flying. Never had a straight out of box moment before so can only assume all will get better. As an aside it’s a behemoth of a player ways a ton and dwarfs the Saturn in everyway. Just finished the first track of lars Danielson melange bleu, an album I know well all I will say is, what kind of hobby will make a grown man tear up well I am on to Patricia Barbour now when will this madness end…


Great to hear about your new CDP and your not alone, I only listen to CD’s and for me its still the most enjoyable way to listen to music.

Lets hope they keep progressing the technology for CD players, maybe some of the latest streaming digital to analogue hardware can be used to upgrade CD playback.

But forget all this now, just enjoy your new CD collection.

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Nice acquisition! Congratulations on the new Denon disc spinner - I’ve read very good things about this CD player, and as well as tremendous sound quality the build quality is supposed to be superb as well.

Denon have some interesting products in their line up at the moment, their integrated amps are supposed to be very good indeed. I think the mid range 1600 won a recent group test in one of the magazines (Hi-Fi Choice IIRC). Also like the look of the chunkier PMA-2500NE amplifier too - could be quite a nice choice at the heart of a mid level system. The (Japan only market) PMA-SX1 and SX11 models are supposed to be even better, and they look rather lovely too, and usually I’m not a fan of silver components…


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