European Championships 2020 /21

Well it seems the Euro’s are definitely going ahead this Summer starting June 11th and hopefully with fan involvement. So what are your thoughts for the Squads who should be in and who shouldn’t, who are your favourites for the Semi’s and Finals and who will win?

As ever, & before the tournament starts, winners will obviously be England (regardless of who is in the squad)!

Usually a 180 degree change of opinion after the first actual game…


Well they have to get past Croatia, Scotland and the Czech Republic…

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We will score a stunning goal in first ten minutes against Croatia & I, along with millions of other England fans will be convinced that, at long last, the ghost of '66 will be buried.

Performance will drop off until sixty-forth minute when Croatia will equalise. We will spend rest of the match desperately hanging on for a point & at the final whistle I will be joining the mass chorus questioning how Southgate ever became England manager.

God, I’ve been following Norwich far too long…


Then vs Scotland, despite England dominating possession, Steve Clarke’s defence cannot be breached. But Scotland has no striker, so it ends 0-0, setting up a must-win game vs. Czech Republic (aka Slavia Prague). This is encouraging, as Arsenal put the boot to them in the Europa league, but unless I’m mistaken, there were no England internationals in the Arsenal team that day. :wink:

Bukayo Saka!

I hope Southgate includes Godfrey as he’s the quickest of our centre backs by some way and doesn’t make the mistakes that Stones and Dier regularly do.
He can also play left back or holding midfield.


I stand corrected, thanks

And The Sun and friends will have headers like ‘Gareth thru Southgate’.

Henderson or Pickford for first choice Keeper?


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Do you think Captain Mainwaring will let him play?

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Henderson 100%

He wasn’t very good in the 4-2 defeat to Liverpool the other day.

Second goal. Fermino was on the edge of 18 yard box when the free kick was struck, he headed it in on the edge of the 6 yard box. Keeper should have done better.

Third goal. Keeper fumbled a shot leading to the goal.

Fourth goal. The worst bit of goalkeeping I’ve seen for years. Salla runs fifty yards before he puts it in the net, keeper makes no attempt come out and narrow the angle, stays in the six yard box and leaves Salla half the goal to pass the ball into. Bizarre.

So your choice is?

Which ever keeper is in form at the moment.

That applies to the outfield players also.

And who is that?

I don’t know, but Hendersons form doesn’t look that good at the moment.

Presumably Southgate will pick 3 goalkeepers and asses their form nearer the championships.

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Knowing Southgate he’ll probably ask David Seaman if he’s feeling fit!


Goal keeper is a problem position and has been for a few years Pickford just fills me with a lot less confidence than Henderson who doesn’t fill me with much either.