European Championships 2020 /21



Pensano che sia tutto finito!


Good job.

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A decent opening game, which Italy thoroughly deserved to win. I particularly liked the players’ celebration of Chiellini’s goal-saving tackle right at the end of the game which preserved the clean-sheet. He’s a player I’ve long admired.


Well done to Italy after the unthinkable of missing the last World Cup they’ve come back stronger Turkey lots of peoples dark horses where very disappointing tonight I think they where looking either to draw or to nick a goal on the break. I have to disagree with the comments above the only way to deal with a team with so many clean sheets is to attack no point getting into a defensive battle.

A good opening game though but I think my other two sweepstake teams Belgium and Germany may fair a little better.


I have the Czech Republic in our sweepstake. Marvellous.

I’ve got Wales :joy:

They’ve got two awesomely good Hammers in their squad, so they should do well.

We did a family sweepstake and my nephews girlfriend drew England, Scotland and Wales.

Please, no. Unless it’s only against England and Croatia.

I thought Italy were terrific in the second half, particularly Insigne.

Though in the game’s commentary they mentioned that they got stuffed by Italy 4-0 the other day…

I’ve a feeling that the Italians will be stuffing quite a number of teams…

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Today’s fixtures.

Wales v Switzerland 14.00

Denmark v Finland. 17.00

Belgium v Russia. 20.00

Finally tonight the wait is over …


Ciao Kev,may you be right!

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To many words :slight_smile: Finlandia still is a great hymn, can’t get tired listening to it.

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Same thought. I also find it quite amusing that one of their strikers has the name ‘immobile’.

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It’s an important moment for us but a pity that our all time greats e.g. Litmanen & Hyypiä never had a chance to experience this as players.


That was awful.

Yes. Our thoughts are with Christian, his family and team. Let’s hope for the best.

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