Eurovision 2021

Anyone else watching Eurovision and feeling as disappointed as I am for James Newman, it was by no means the worst song in the competition and certainly didn’t deserve 0 points. Political voting at its worst.


Yes and it was inevitable.

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I do have to agree that there was an air of inevitability about the song and how it was to be received. There were actually some very strong songs this year (I am talking in Eurovision terms) and I actually enjoyed probably two thirds of the songs. I was staggered that Italy won it with such a weak song; my choice was France and Switzerland. The songs from Germany & Iceland I thought were unbelievably bad (although Iceland scored so highly?!) and I expected James to be above these - shows how much I know. I alway find the Eurovision a good bit of fun & you accept it as it is: disagreements are always likely to happen.

I dont think it helps having a jury results presenter cracking a joke about not knowing which countries language she was speaking, came across as abit insulting to the hosts.


Clearly there was still some political voting, I laughed when the audience shouted out the recipient of the 12 points from Cyprus before their rep did, however I don’t feel it’s as bad now as it has been.

I do believe we got 0 points partly because of this, partly because it’s now a running gag not to vote for the UK entry but mainly because the UK entry was boring, insipid and poorly performed.

Much like a large number of the UK’s music chart acts, make of that what you will!


I’m always amazed anyone cares a jot about such a ridiculous, poor quality pantomime!


Because lots of people enjoy a ridiculous, poor quality pantomime! How else do you explain much of the arts in the UK and around the world?!

On a more serious note however, the production was anything but poor quality, they know how to throw a show…


Watched the 1974 final last night. This was from Brighton and it’s the one where Abba won! Gosh there were some excellent frocks in typical ‘Fanny Craddock’ style :slight_smile: I’ve never seen this final before. Abba were like a breath of fresh air. The other acts were very old school. Abba came on and their appearance and act just blew the competition away.


…and quite interesting to see Hooverphonic representing Belgium; a band who haven’t been mentioned on this forum for a while but certainly have been in recent years.
The political voting appeared to be less but there were still some head scratching moments - the Cyprus/Greece was hilarious.

Punishment for Brexit?

Politics over pop.

Bitter, moi?


Perhaps they think we don’t really qualify for EUROvision? Mind you if Russia and Israel can participate then…

Material for frocks seems to be in short supply for most of the female acts these days :wink:

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I’m sorry he got zero which must be disheartening, but what a dire boring song.

I initially thought the French song was brilliant but it rapidly became very annoying.

The problem for decades has been our act selections for Eurovision not other countries. While he may suit tastes of members of the British public who enjoy various talent shows and rather bland pop, other Eurovision participants have moved on considerably and many of their acts simply look more professional/commercial or have some zany aspect that wins the voters over.

I thought the quality of the acts was very good in general this year - I was expecting the winner to be awful from their costumes, but they were a pretty good band - their song and at least one other had elements of Linkin Park sonically.


Yes, when I was at School, Europe stopped and Asia started at the Bosporus.

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Whilst disappointed with zero, I was actually disappointed with the UK performance. His voice sounded horse, and I’m sure he has done better before, so on that performance alone, we may have deserved it.

And how do we explain Australia being included…?

Eurovision was one of the highlights of my late mum & dad’s year. They always spent it with their two best friends & always alternated every year in each others homes. This is why I feel obliged to watch at least a large part of each years event, in their memories.

My dad was very vocal in his annoyance at certain countries that never gave us any points & became totally incandescent when the UK then gave them 12 points! Thanks for the great memories dad & uncle Norman.

A couple of points that occur to me:-

The only really good song I recall from this century was The Common Linnets ‘Calm Before the Storm’, which came second in 2014. I have always felt very sorry for them having the ignominy of finish second to a transvestite with a beard & totally rubbish song after performing a brilliant song that would have undoubtedly won if only Conchita had remembered to shave that evening!

Why can’t the UK actually come up with a good song? We have produced one or two good artists over the years. I would bet that someone like Elton John has sold many more records that every Eurovision song ever broadcast.

To make the contest a real contest, why aren’t the artists performing anonymously & the jury’s having to vote for their favourite by numbers, not knowing which nation they were voting for? At least the better songs may actually stand a chance.

Mum & Dad (& Ann & Norman), thanks for the happy memories.


That’s a great story and lovely memories.

BTW - I spent much of my early adult life stood in the Barclay stand - a canary fan will know what that means!

Sometimes that can even be more excruciating than watching Eurovision!

That said, I only lived in Norwich for four (79 to 83) of my sixty-five years, & have lived over four hundred miles away for the past thirty eight years. Seen us play away on numerous occasions but only managed four home games in all that time.

Still miss not being there every fortnight though!

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Me too - I lived in London in my childhood, but my late Dad was from Norwich. The first game he took me to see was West Ham v Norwich City at Upton Park. West Ham will always be my 2nd team.

I followed Norwich all over the country when I moved to Norwich including being at Villa Park in the FA cup semis the same day as Hillsborough. Happy memories, thanks for jogging them

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