Eurovision 2022

Serbian entry is a comic masterpiece :rofl:


Wrong thread Deag :sunglasses:

Moldova will win, they have an accordion!


The only song to get my feet tapping.

Mind you, one or two others caught my eye(s) ……

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Thought Poland was good.

Estonia was a good finale. Could do well.

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My votes include Spain and Iceland. I also included Ukraine. Then I recalled it is a singing competition so I added Moldova and Estonia.
I don’t claim to have any taste whatsoever………

I could watch Spain again :blush:


Sam Ryder is Thor in the real world!

Nah, Jesus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OMG - the green ‘budgie smuggler’ outfit!

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If I was going to vote it would be Iceland or Netherlands.

Or. The Rasmus.

I liked Iceland, but to keep the memory of the legendary Mr Terry Wogan alive, I prefer the Greek entry.

Jeez - we are getting actual points!

We had better not win, the artists wont get visas to come here :crazy_face:

I might cry soon

What’s happening, the UK are winning !

I think “top of the leader board at the moment” might be a more accurate assessment :sunglasses:

Leading the scoreboard at the end of the Jury votes :sunglasses:

Well done Sam

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Moldova did really well in the Public vote, which included mine !