Eurovision 2023

Some no doubt will hate it but each to their own…

First semi final tonight featuring…

Personally I’ll be looking out for ‘Lords of the lost’ from Germany having caught them live a few times.

Last year was the first time I was interested - not for the music, which consistently to my taste is awful, but circumstances made me take note and root for Ukraine, even watching part of the final. The idea of Ukraine hosting next year if Britain wins this year and the unmentionable ends makes me hope that Britain does win, though your listing suggests it might be as unlikely as most years.

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Most of the formulaic songs pass me by but occasionally one of the more ‘niche’ entries catches my ear and i’ll add it to the streaming library. Sadly the time of the bat-s**t crazy seems to have passed as countries take it more seriously. Luckily the odd dictator will still insist his tone deaf niece or nephew has to be their countries entry so the semi-finals are a good giggle.
Will be on cocktails and canapés duty for the final as we are hosting a small gathering of likeminded friends…

We love Eurovision. Who cares if the music’s a bit dodgy? It brings people together, it’s great fun and puts a smile on people’s faces. It’s always enjoyable to try to guess who will give whom douze points. We’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. Maybe some of the sourpusses who think it’s all beneath them should let their hair down, get some food in, a few bottles of wine, and have a laugh.



Not my thing but loads of friends are into it. I hope it is a success and that Liverpool does Ukraine proud.

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I must admit I’m with Nigel here. It’s a bit of fun and a nice diversion from all the other crap going on across the world.

Saying that, this year’s UK entry is bloody irritating. Sam Ryder’s ‘Space Man’ entry last year was superb.


Any on here?



I’m definitely in the ‘love Eurovision’ camp and as it’s my birthday on Saturday we are having a small Eurovision party at home. It’s a family tradition to create a scorecard with ridiculous criteria eg extra point if part of singer’s clothing is removed mid performance. Have a look at the Croatia entry - hysterical


Who had an operatic metal intro on their bingo card?

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I’m with you, let’s enjoy the fun and madness, and appreciate they can probably all sing and perform better than all of us.

Thinking about their dress sense, I now have a vision of someone in full EV regalia (including platforms) sitting down and listening to Gina G on a Naim Statement - now that’s an unlikely “System Pic” I’d like to see :smile:

Hoping to pop into Liverpool on Thursday to soak up some of the EV atmosphere.


Norway… never goes anywhere other than the high note
Serbia… deep, moody and disco borgs
Latvia… glitch rock… if Pendulum did a ballad
Portugal… fado lite
Ireland… still haven’t found what they are looking for… but catchy., nice of the Edge to lend them his effects set.

Me ! It’s appallingly bad. The music is pathetic and the stage performances a throw back to the worst glam-pop you ever did see. In fact, Euro-pop. If someone likes this, then fine. But, come on, it’s embarrassing.


Thanks for warning me.

TV is off…

Afraid I haven’t been in the love camp since Sandie Shaw :melting_face:

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I assume you don’t live with a responsible adult who could have instructed you not to watch it. :joy:

Croatia… battier than a bat with a bat standing in front of a catcher on a baseball pitch.
Moldova… folk ebm
Sweden… anthemic but Euphoria was not sure if it will win.
Czechia… is it a protest song ?
Netherlands… nice but not very strong, might get lost and forgotten about in the final vote if it makes it through
Finland… more ebm… shops at cyberdog.

My Dad would be 105 years old. So no.

Got to say I normally hate it - but there’s a German band I’ve followed for a few years that are doing their stuff this year so I’ll be hoping they win. Although I think most on here probably won’t share my opinion. Come on “Lord of the Lost” :smile:


Grief. I told you…