Ex demo ND555

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year
I would appreciate your thoughts on purchasing an ex demo nd555 and 555PS. ND is from 2018 and has been back to Naim for repair ( no RH channel on DIN. Repair was to replace all relays). Then back again for unfound fault when Streaming board was replaced anyway in June 2020.
On sale as ex demo - still investigating what warranty I would get but think it will only be until Nov this year (2 years after it was purchased by retailer).
So my question is - should I avoid as its had a couple of repairs or does that not matter?
It’s replacing an N272. Rest of system is a 250dr, 282, Innuos Zen and Focal scala utopias (v1).

I have seen the relay issue mentioned a few times with various Naim pre-amps, so perhaps that was just a bad batch which has now been resolved, so wouldn’t worry about that. No idea on the streaming board - lets see who else responds.

If it came back for a new board, it would have been throughly checked over - effectively, it will have left the factory like new.

I bought a ‘graded’ ND 555 - one that had had initial issues that was then fixed. Again, it was like new.


Having just got an ND555, with 4 weeks on the clock today, you will not regret it on sound quality alone.

I purchased my ND555 in October 2018 it has had a relay failure plus at a later date a streaming board problem both repaired by Naim under warranty and both times the unit has come back in as new condition so personally I woundn’t be to concerned about the repairs mine has behaved impeccably since the repairs.

What warranty is the dealer offering ?

The only problem comes if Naim have delays in servicing or delays due to a shortage of parts. You could be out of commission for a few weeks. A other post suggested the exact same issues though so maybe the relay issue caused some beef with the streaming board and bow its all repaired it will be plain sailing. I am sure the dealer could ask Naim to honour the remainder of the 5 years you would get if buying from new due to the issues already experienced. Ask… you never know :wink:

A good dealer should loan you something to use in the event of a problem.


Not wishing to place a jinx on it, but if it has been back to the factory twice, I very much doubt a third trip should be anticipated. I would however, want to have a decent warranty provided if purchasing from an authorised Naim dealer, particularly if advertised as being ex-dem. The graded units Clare refers to above come with full warranty as new.


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Thanks Peter and everyone else! The reymtauler has now confirmed that a full 2 year warranty will be provided, although Naim themselves (tech support) said that it would just be the remainder of the 2 years left from when it went back to the retailer, ie until oct this year.


Hi Crispy! Thanks for the reply. Out of interest, what did the nd555 replace in your system and what is the rest of your set up?

Went from bare NDX2 to 555ps to ND555 in less than a year. Also have 252/SCDR/250DR/B&W 804D3. Am currently thinking about a 300DR.

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