Excellent Service - Signals

Alistair has just assisted me through a suspected issue with my 300DR very capably.

Thank you.


I’ve always had good service from the A Team.

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Yep, great team…very capable and Andy can often turn a repair round rather than a visit to the factory. Glad your 300 dr is back up and running.

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A good dealer is priceless!

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Just to keep in Alastair‘s good books I would spell his name as he does. I think spelling may be linked to being Scottish. I only notice because I used to make the same mistake myself at work. Could have been autocorrect.

I agree on excellent service.



It,s alright they are too busy too notice…unless you are really unlucky


Can you say what the ‘suspected’ issue was? its always useful to know just in case the same issue happens to others

Jolly fine fellows those Signals chappies!



Yep, great team at Signals and nice blokes too.

Signals is one of the best of a diminishing roll call of knowledgable, specialist 2 channel music system retailers in the U.K. I have this very day spent all day with Alastair and Andy, bought an ND555 and had a seemingly intractable problem with my Unitiserve sorted by Andy. I couldn’t be more complimentary. Great experience. 10.5 out of 10.

That’s just it really isn’t It- real decent blokes.

They been over here in Dublin with me three times in the past 15 years. First Alastair and Andy (SL2 plus NAP 300) around 2006, then just Alastair (and his good lady wife and we all had a nice dinner) (552) and then Andy late 2017 putting my whole system back together again after the Humpty of a full retrofit of the house.

Silly as it may sound I consider them friends really at this stage.



Ah - I didn’t know that he uses the old Highland reversed apostrophe.

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Maggies won’t fit in a BMW tho.

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I have used the expert knowledge and first class service from Alastair and Andy for several years now. You can put a price on the top gear they sell, but their advice, expertise and helpfulness are priceless. If you can guess who this is Alastair, you are even more clever than I thought!!!

You would have to ask him. As for me it came out that way on iPad even when I tried to change it.

Pretty certain if they popped down the rear seats on the Signals’ Cullinan they should be able to squeeze 'em in.


First world problems eh :open_mouth: happy listening!

Truly pleasant crew - I turned up speculatively and they were very helpful, unplugging their last remaining musicworks powerblock from the main listening area for me to make my escape with.