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I will be moving to Taiwan later this month for up to a year, leaving my Naim system at home with the family. I will be living in an apartment in Taipei, so nothing large & loud will be required.

Where do I start for as system for my apartment? Because of my age, my initial thoughts were source (streaming) with an amp & some small stand/bookshelf speakers, but of course systems such as Sonos are also available. I will have access to my Tidal & Sonos accounts too, but my Roon system runs off my iMac as core so, not an option out there.

I know that there are probably infinite combinations you could go for, but would like to hear any personal opinions from forum members on what they would go for?

Many thanks in advance.

Atom HE w/ some cans?

When faced with a similar dilemma 30 years or so ago I took a Sony Pro, Nait and Kans. A year turned into 20 so I ended up with CDS, 52, 135s and SBLs.

Perhaps consider another Roon subscription for your Mac and look for a 2nd hand Unitiqute with speakers of your choice.

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Not all apartmpents are equal. My last one in Kawasaki was fairly robust. Thick concrete dividing walls with metal plates between them. I cranked my Naim/PMC system and the surround and the neighbours heard nothing. My current temporary accomodation has 2cm thick plasterboard dividing units. I can make out words when my neighbour talks on the phone.

I’d check the apartment before assuming anything.

Lots of good systems for an apartment. Based on headphones or speakers that truly excel at exciting at low volumes. I have just such a system while my Naim kit is in storage. It really depends on how much you want to spend. A year isn’t long really. Possible you could do without. Unless of course you see this an opportunity to build a second system with different charms to take back with you.


Would a MuSo be enough?

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Depending on budget I think a UQ & speakers would be a fantastic option. Gets my vote as well :slight_smile:


Atom plus Neta Iotas?


You can move your Roon Core to a different device fairly easily if you want to continue using it.
I run mine on a MacBook Pro so it travels with me.

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I recently bought a used Superuniti 2 and absolutely love it - streams tidal really well, has a CD player, iradio will access any radio station u want so u could listen to uk radio… very inexpensive now and I just added a nap200 to give it a huge lift… it would flatter any decent speakers

Whatever you end up going for, just bear in mind that Taiwan uses a 110V 60Hz electrical system like the US and Canada.

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Oops, good point! Mea culp… oh, never mind :smiley:

@Meaculpa - you could buy local, lots of well received equipment designed and built locally, and could be a nice experience to go to dealers where you’ll be living and ask their advice?

Topping and Shanling have some interesting kit. The Shanling EA5 looks really nice.

Speakers from Usher Audio…

Hah, you could try Focal powered by Naim Taipei too :wink:

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I’d go atom he and dependent on the situation add amp and loudspeakers. For the in between use headphones.

Audiolab Omnia, with some KEF LS50 wireless speakers. A compact one box system that does it all.

It depends on your apartment space, of course. Good luck on your travels (as well as your HiFi journey!).

Firstly, thank you to all who have replied.

Atom or superuniti seems to be a couple of things to look at.

Richard D…thank you for the reminder….I knew the voltage was different, but was not sure what transformers can do? Some googling explained some of it, but the frequency could give problems I believe (certainly with anything that has ac motors) but given gthack’s comments, probably fun to visit locally and purchase when I there.

So a source stream/amp with some speakers & headphones seems to be the consensus, and look to ensure any purchases are 110v & 60hz.

Thank you again to all who have replied & for wishing me well on my assignment.

Buy some LS3/5As in the UK and take them with you. Sell them to an Asian collector when you leave and make a nice profit!

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Enjoy your stay, Taiwan has the best Chinese food on the planet, the night market / street food scene is a must.

Used to have a “travelling system” that was comprised of a Naim Nait and Linn Kans. Current “travelling system” for long deployments overseas is a Naim Unitiqute2 with Neat Petite 3s. Can get some pretty decent sound for minimal money on the used market at present (some Naim items anyways). Both systems (with speaker cable) packed into a small suitcase quite easily.


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