Experience with ndx2 ps555

Unfortunately I went to my dealers homepage, and found that they have a used ndx2 on offer. Currently I use ns01/ndac/ps555 and a Primare np5 to add chromecast and airplay functionality to my system.
Since I bought the 555 my idea has been that I at some point in time would update to a current streaming setup even though I love my ns01 actually the desktop client for controlling it.

The important question is if the ndac/555 is better than the ndx2/555 in terms of sq or different or close enough that the new features is worth getting anyway.

Back in the day it was generally held that an NDS/555 was better than nDac/555. So if we assume that the NDX2 is nearly as good as an NDS, which seems to be the general conclusion, you’d think the NDX2/555 would be roughly equivalent to your NS01/nDac/555. That’s all theory of course! I suppose a lot depends on how you feel about the interaction with the system. You’d have to co tell the NDX2 with the Naim app, ideally on an iOS device, rather than the DTC. Most would see this as an advantage but you may not. You’d also have to have the NDX2 on the network rather than using spdif from your NS01. The latter can of course remain as a server.

Do you have your music backed up to a Nas? If so you should ensure it’s in flac - the NS can convert it - in case the NS conks out and you need to serve directly from the Nas.

On a personal level, I use an NDX2/555DR and it sounds very nice. I’ve never heard a Naim dac, hence the theoretical comparison at the start of the post. You don’t say whether your 555 is a DR version. Some say the non DR is best with the nDac, whereas the NDX2 was designed with the DR tech assumed.


The 555 is dr updated a few years back. Since trips back to sq always takes at least 8 weeks I was not sure if the upgrade made the ndac worse or not.
If I want I can still use the dtc using the ndx2 as dac instead of using it as a streamer for my local stored music, and yes I have and old Netgear nas where all rips are backed up from the ns01 stored in flac format, so I have a few options for playing my local music collection using one of the 2 servers and finding out if spdif is better than streaming from the servers to the ndx2.
I remember the posts about spdif being a lot worse than streaming in terms of sq, hopefully this is not true but this can be tested, and it was probably back in the days of the first generation Naim streamers.


You could consider front ending the nDAC/555DR with an Innuos Zenith and Audiophilleo + PurePower USB to Spdif. There are thread on this.


But what would I gain from this?
I have most of the features I need in the current setup.

Read the threads. The SQ is wonderful. I certainly would not buy a NDX2.

You could try the NS01 Spdif output. I tried UnitiServe and Core but the Audiophilleo added what I wanted.


so another server i have 2 already. Probably uggly control software I cannot remember what people are using and no price for whatever server that I need to buy. This does not look cheaper than the ndx2 or better , but more complicated for sure. Just reading up on the bits and pieces and software will take the rest of the day.

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It’s a case of each to their own I feel. The idea of Innous and special power supplies and so forth was certainly too much for me. The NDX2 is lovely - connect the PS and it’s up and running in five minutes with no faffing about.

In your case I’d simply stream from the nas and let all the other boxes, including the N01, go. The NDX2 really is delightfully simple. One box that does it all and matches the rest of your equipment too. What’s not to like?


The Naim app unfortunately is not to like. But this could be a way to start testing it more and have Naim maybe considering a roadmap for the accessibility problems that has plagued the app since it was first released.
There is also I read somewhere a browser interface for the new streamers but I am unsure about how much you can do with it. Anyway soon time to talk to my dealer.

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By accessibility do you mean use by those with a visual impairment, or its functionality? If the latter, it’s now absolutely fine so long as your networking arrangements are as they should be.


I mean screen reader accessibility in both iOS and android.

Yes, a number of people have mentioned it previously. I hope you will forgive me for flagging this as a reminder to @Naim.Marketing. It’s so important that Naim is accessible and hopefully this aspect of the apps can be escalated up the priority list.


It would be fantastic to see improvements here. I live with the app now since it is only used on my first generation qb mostly to select radio presets, but using it for everything on my main system would not be nice. I have asked for this to be put into the development plans for the apps, in times when most bigger issues seemed to be more or less solved, but Naim unfortunately seems to think that it should be solved with a bigger cotly and timeconsuming project, instead of solving the simple mistakes that can easily be solved during the normal development and bugfixing work.

I’ll flag it up once more to the App team - never be afraid to give me a nudge on this or any issue!

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Hi @Claus, we recognise its long overdue, but the next release of the iOS app will contain the first round of VoiceOver improvements, additions and fixes - focussing on Now Playing, Settings and the Album/Artist/Track screens. Some of these improvements have come from direct conversations with visually impaired users.
Additionally, we’re fortunate to have some visually impaired users join our Beta Testing group to hopefully ensure we’re getting the UX right.
The Android equivalent (TalkBack) is planned for later in the year.


As you have already the Ndac/ 555dr, I would personally more advise Innuos Zenith. However you have to add a good usb/ spdif cable to it.
For convenience, Ndx2 / 555dr is simpler, but on similar level of sound quality.
But if your goal is to stream mainly Qobuz or Tidal, the Innuos is a bit too much. More interesting if you rip cds and store albums.

Naim can speak for themselves, of course, but I don’t think this is their position at all right now. Apart from the obvious Covid-related issues that make everything slower and more difficult, they are still grappling with isses around screen freezes and random reboots that affect some users.
Of course, I’m not suggesting that accessibility issues shouldn’t be addressed. Meanwhile, have you investivated the idea of running the Naim app on a Mac now that this is possible with the latest models? Possibly on PC also but as a Mac user I know little about this. I have no idea if this would help, I’m just curious as to whether or not it would allow a screenreader to work better than it would on a portable device?

I know and understand that these issues are annoying and must be fixed but in the bigger scheme of things and with no new devices scheduled for release things like accessibility can be addressed like other improvement/bug fixes. The real issue is to have a seperate discussion for these bugs that makes absolutely no sense for 99 percent of beta testers.

I am already on the beta test, so have I missed anything in the current beta. Actually it is likely since my iphone is arrangedso I use the app store version currently not the beta, but I did not see anything in the release notes for the current ios beta.

No, you haven’t missed anything. These features will be in the next release, which is yet to go to Beta.

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