Exporting playlists from iTunes to AppNaim

I exported my playlist from iTunes into different format files (m3u, m3u8 or xml) on my Synology NAS. For your information, all my music is on my synology NAS.
I would like to know how I can import these playlists in my Naim App connected through Upnp on my NAS ?
Thank you so much in advance for help.
Best regards.

Hi Gregoire
What UPnP server do you use on the NAS? If you can import the playlists into the server, you should then be able to view the playlists in the UPnP/server input on the Naim app, and play them.

Hi Chris,
I’m using the multimedia server from Synology.
Best regards.

Hi, I am not familiar with the Synology server, but I think you should be able to add playlists to it. Maybe someone who uses it can advise you on this.

There is nothing called multimedia server in any Synology packages, the usual UPnP audio only server is their own ‘Media Server’, it’s a basic program but does the job for UPnP. The other package is ‘Audio Station’ but that is intended to play NAS content over internet to other devices, not UPnP.
When I first started with streaming I tried with iTunes & eventually gave up, both iTunes & with playlists, iTunes was the problem.

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