External hardrive

Hi any recommendations to use with my Nova.


I just use a WD MyPassport drive which you can buy cheaply from their website, especially if you look out for a refurb one.

I would just avoid going too large on capacity, was not recommended by Naim support when I had issues. I had used a 2TB WD passport. Got a Core, so no longer using external drives. Any of the big names should be OK though, WD, Seagate, Buffalo etc.

OK was going for a 1tb that is powered from the USB. Will check out the WD my passport. I thought I read it needs to be formatted a certain way. As I am hoping to rip all my cds on the PC then attach it to the Nova.

Those WD MyPassports are bus powered. I think the one I bought last year didn’t need to be re-formatted, but it’s easy enough to do if required.


some tips on formatting hard drives.

I have many WD external drives and have had few problems, either with desktop drives in WD enclosures or smaller USB powered 2.5" drives.

With WD the ‘Elements’ range are no frills and should suffice, they are normally cheaper. I switched to 4TB USB powered 2.5" drives a few years ago for most uses, have the odd 5TB one, but prices seem to have been reasonably static.

You probably won’t need 4TB, but I would advise you to have a backup strategy as any drive can go belly up at any time.

More recently I’m buying Samsung T3/T5 SSDs as prices drop, but you’ll still get better value from a mechanical drive - not done any A/B testing of mechanical vs SSD. Some would maintain that USB 3.0 drives are potentially noisier electronically but I think the Nova’s USB is USB 2.0 anyway.

Hi yes will have a couple of back up copy’s. Should be picking up drive tomorrow. Then the ripping can begin.

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I wonder how many songs or albums can the player actually index and subsequently play. I could not find any info about that.

The Nova has a UPnP server built in, which will scan the drive and make it viewable in the Server input. I don’t know if there is a limit but if there is, I imagine it would be quite large. I wouldn’t bother using the USB input.

I also got a cheap and (rather) slow external SSD for my Atom. Speed is only a factor, when “loading” the drive with content at the PC.
I also prefer bus-powered 2,5” drives - no hassle with external power supplies. (Unless you need very large drives…)
SSD (or “USB Flash Stick”) has the advantage of no vibration/noise. But I guess room would have to be rather silent to notice. (Unless the spinning disk is on a resonating wood frame. :wink:)
Size: as needed with some “buffer”.

So is there any difference in sound quality to use bus power hard disk or external power hard disk ?

If we use external hard disk rather than usb stick, should we pay attention to the usb cable that we use?

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