External headphone amp with Atom

So I had this headphone amp sitting in the bookshelf from an earlier AV which i no longer use. Although the sound from my Atom is more than acceptable, it’s somewhat a shame to see the headphone amp not being used. So I hooked it up to the preamp output but as the Atom does not have any A/B speaker switch, the music continues to stream out through the speakers.

So I thought of connecting an RCA A/B speaker cable switch and insert that into the banana plug inputs. These switches are ment for a 2 pair speaker set up for listening in different rooms similar. The issue is that I have read on various forums that these switches may effect the ohm/resistors/capacitors/etcetera of the Atom. What are people’s view on this? Would it be harmless to install it or should it be avoided?

Which leads me in to a second route which would be to insert a 2 port RCA switch into the Preout output and then connect the headphone amp to one port and a NAP 100 to the other port. My hesitations are the components in the NAP. Are they on pair with the Atom or are they better? Does anyone has a more technical knowledge of this?

Sorry for the long winding post, please post your thoughts of above matters below.


Neither option will do anything other than reduce the quality of the sound you get now, by inserting the switch into the signal path. You say you are quite happy with the Atom and it seems daft to compromise the sound just for the sake of using something that doesn’t need to be used. Just sell the headphone amp and buy some more music, or give it to the charity shop and let others benefit.

i don’t get it keep the volume down for speakers and volume up on headphone amp:) that’s what I do

If you connect it to the preamp output, when you turn down the speakers you will also turn down anything connected to the output. Am I missing something?

Not in my case, you control the volume from the headphone amp, line out of the preamp is a fix volume if I am not wrong

It doesn’t have a line out, just a preamp output, which will be post volume control. Maybe it can be fixed, but I didn’t think so.

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