External Insulation

I recently started insulating the house externally, and by this evening most of it has been clad. Listening tonight, while probably over-influenced by the unaccustomed warmth, it seemed to me that the sound may have improved. Is it possible that external insulation could reduce RF interference!

This would depend on the materials used for insulation. Some Kingspan and other foam insulation boards have an aluminium foil backing, but the type normally used for external insulation does not have this, so I wouldn’t have thought it would have any effect.

‘Non’ foil insulation would lower the background noise.
I’d be interested in the specification of the wall build up.
Win win, lower fuel bills, better internal sounds.

The objective was lower CO2 emissions, and I know that will be achieved. The comfort and lower bills are a bonus.
As to the technicalities, my eyes glaze over as they are explained, but so long as the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is coming to the party to the tune of about 25%, I trust in the process.
I didn’t expect a dividend on sound quality, and I can’t prove it, but I think it has happened!
It’s non foil insulation, and I imagine similar to Kingspan, but hey!, what do I know?

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