External power amp + subwoofer possible with Uniti products?

Hello everyone here !
I am currently using an Oppo Player to stream Tidal. The Oppo has an integrated preamp and both RCA and XLR outputs.
The XLR outputs send to a power amp, and the RCA outputs send to an active subwoofer (so I am running a 2.1 setup)

I am looking for a replacement for my Oppo player, and the Naim Uniti players seem to be really good on every standpoint.
There is just something I can’t figure out : How can I send the sound to both my power amp and my subwoofer, because as far as I understand, both would require to be plugged into the Pre-amp outputs, not the speaker outputs, which are already amplified.

To the question, why not using the amplifier that is integrated in the Uniti products, answer is that I am very happy with my own power amp, which is much more powerful than the ones integrated in the uniti products and do not wish to stop using it.

I also looked in the other Naim products, ND5 XS 2, ND 555, and none of them seem to be able to handle my requirements above mentionned (2.1 system while using a none Naim power amp)

If you guys could enlighten me, because it is highly possible than I simply misunderstood things and that it would be possible for me to do that ?

Thanks in advance

The Uniti Nova offers a pair of pre-amp outputs, so that should give you what you’re looking for. The Uniti Star or Uniti Atom could be used too although they only have a single set of pre-outs. Does your subwoofer have a high level input perhaps that could be fed a reference signal from the power amp?

Another alternative might be a NAC-N272 that includes a streamer and a pre-amp in one box - you just add a power amp. However, this is using an older generation of streaming platform, so maybe better to look at a current streamer such as the ND5XS2 and Naim pre-amp with power supply instead.

So there are a number of Naim options open to you. The best thing though at this stage is to make contact with a good Naim dealer, tell them what you want to achieve, and then arrange to listen to some of the options they present to you.

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Another possibility might be a SuperUniti which seems to have both, although I haven’t used them together. It would leave you again with a surplus integrated power amplifier.

I have a Superuniti that I’m running through an Ayre V3 Poweramp right now while I’m waiting for an Nap250 to be available from a friend. And like El soldado said, it has both pre outs, and subwoofer outs. It’s a very good, all inclusive, unit.


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