External power supply strategy

Current system is NDX2-> SN3 .
Pretty happy with the result with a pair of kanta 2.

Curious to know, if I was to get a XPS DR, what would you recommend to use it with?
SN2 or NDX2, for the biggest sound quality uplift?

You cannot use an XPS on an amplifier so that should simplify things. :blush:

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I’ve an XPS DR on my NDX2 and the HiCAP on my SN2, which is the only way to do it. Both are worthwhile I believe, but in that order of priority - XPS on the NDX2 first, which is quite transformational.


it does :slight_smile:

Ok.Thanks Mike. and so the hunt starts…

And to be clear, you can’t use a Hicap or Supercap, amp PSUs, on a streamer.


I have heard a few times that adding XPS to ndx2 provides marked improvement. Is this pretty much across the board or only with very specific speakers only?

The XPS DR will improve the SQ with an NDX 2 across the board.

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I just got myself on a slippery slope. Got a hi-line interconnect cable and like what I am hearing. XPS is probably the next step then.

I would try it with the source component first. I would expect the biggest benefit here. I would try it with the amp second. It would end up where my ears thought it was the most effective.

I’m upgrading to SN3 and NDX2. I’ve also gone for Hi Cap and XPS.
The Hi Cap makes a difference but the biggest difference is the XPS.
Both are worth going for if money isn’t tight.

Interesting this as Naim technical team advised me to try my Hicap DR on my NDX and I said you can’t. He then had to look it up.
I was amazed!

Well the Naim portfolio is one giant mess so I’m not surprised. They would benefit for some clean up.

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