Extracting HiRes Music Files from DVD

I have several CD box sets which include HiRes versions of the tracks (usually in FLAC format) included on a DVD or Blu-Ray disc.

How can I extract these tracks so that I can use them on my Atom and my personal audio device?

Have a read of this.

This should help - I managed it pretty easily using these instructions. The hardest part was getting the timings right for the start of the tracks in the cuecard file.

J-River can be replaced by Foobar 2000 as the latter is free and works just as well for what you need to do with it. The Blu-ray/DVD passkey product is available as a 28 day trial so aim to get it all done in 28 days so you don’t need to pay! I found it wouldn’t work with DVD on my main PC, but it would on a laptop - fine with blu-ray on both.

Obviously for personal use of your own discs, etc, etc …

The article doesn’t format well on an iPhone - looks best on a PC/big screen. If you don’t get bored before the end, there are videos showing how it’s done.

I find the software “DVD Audio Extractor” (http://www.dvdae.com/download) works well. Available on Windows, Linux and MAC and works fully during the 30 day trial period so you can test it out.

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