F1 - 2022 Season

Remember how he collided into Bottas, and then proceed to hit him while Botas was still in the car? And afterwards refused to apologise? Innocence is not something I would use to describe him.

But as you say, nice guys rarely get to the front of F1. Hence why Ricciardo is loved by so many.

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Yes but if you read my entire post, it points out that I feel his face and the presented image is one of clean cut innocence but underneath I perceive something rather harder.


I thought your post was entirely clear. :grinning:

Agree. Russell wants to be World Champ and no.1 at Mercedes but is being cute at the moment ooh I’m just pleased to be hear learning from the goat but probably can’t wait for Lewis to retire, although to be fair he seems to be dealing with the wayward Mercedes better than Lewis this season

What did the Federation do today with the safety car?

They made it virtual. :grin:

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Ciao Pete.

I believe this was Aston Martin showcasing their new stealth technology.

Bit like their GP cars, you rarely saw much of them either.


The Safety Car is fast becoming the most important car in F1 it seems. :crazy_face:

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Amazing drive by Nyck de Vries. Already more points than Latifi with hardly any time to learn the car. And not through any luck either.


It seems Verstappen wins from whatever position he starts on the grid. Yawn, no one is challenging him.

Says a lot that an energy company can make a faster car than a bunch of car manufacturers.

Well Red Bull gives you wings ……….and a few extra Hp

Surely it’s time to allow the race director a bit of discretion.

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Yep. And at no pint did it seem he was even trying that hard, so I assume the win could have been by an even bigger margin!

George on the podium again and only a few points behind Perez in the table.

Great effort from Sainz until he seemed unable to progress any further, steady progress from Lewis, Lando’s enthusiasm eventually being beaten by the effort of keeping the tricky Jaffa up there and another flying Dutchman (once again showing Latifi can’t hack it).

I see…

Their real expertise is in making the wings. ( Boom Boom).

Personally, I think two changes. First no safety car finish. Red flag, reset everybody and have a 5 lap sprint race. Second as has been mentioned scrap DRS and have a push to pass like Indycar where tactics dictate when the driver deploys the energy

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Maybe we should just have a handicap system?

RBR say the increase in their level of dominance is down to weight saving…I’m not convinced it’s solely down to that, however they could introduce a weight penalty for success. I’m not sure if they still do but British Touring Cars certainly used to have that and it defo. brought the field together!

Somehow I can’t really see Horner going for it though…

Yes, but Liberty are trying to increase the spectacle for the new viewers (not us fans) hence trying to increase the US footprint and get Colton Herta. I know RBR were winning at a canter but let’s be honest a little jeopardy is what people really want to see. I think the DRS train is too predictable hence why there could be better ways rather like challenges in Tennis and Cricket. Just saw the Race video on YouTube where guy was suggesting if 95% of race completed and SC or VSC deployed should trigger a red flag and sprint be it 2/3 or 5 laps. His suggestion was to increase the fuel load to accommodate “overtime” so to speak. Not sure I personally agree with that. Brought back memories for Toto though :grinning: