F1 - 2022 Season

As long as Martin Brundle is still there, I think Sky F1’s coverage will be ok.

Interesting to see that driving from the back Max is not always as good as he no doubt thinks he is. He’s in the best car but is barely in the points, whereas Perez in the same car won relatively easily.

Brundle is a Red Bull fan-boy…

If you take into account the times they interview CH I’d say they all are. I find they give him way too much air time.

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I happened to be in the UK at the time of the British GP, so watched it on C4. Like watching a live broadcast of the Russell/Hamilton fanclubs. I hope Sky is better.

Mind you we had the same until last year in NL, but Verstappen instead. Luckily it’s better (more neutral) this year.

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Interesting, I see Bernie is in court today. On a fraud charge. :thinking:

It’s still reasonably Anglocentric. Although at least currently that means there are four or five drivers to talk about. They seem to have a rotating presenting team so some weeks are better than others.

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Only £400m. A mere trifle. Court date set for a year’s time and he’s 92?

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FIA delays publication of budget cap report until 10th October

Of course it has. The fourth time it’s pushed the date back.

Perhaps they’ll just keep pushing it back until RBR have left the grid.

I hear now it’s down to ‘interpretation’ of the cap(!) And some teams interpret this figure differently from others i.e. when you said $145M we thought you meant $155M…

Anyhow, doesn’t matter what the result is or indeed the punishments, if needed. It’s going to rumble on and on. Some teams will be more unhappy than others and likely they’ll take it further.

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The danger is that the teams with money will see that it’s ok to break the cost cap as long as you have enough extra money to pay the fine. There are teams on the grid whose budget doesn’t even reach the cost cap and they will be rightly upset that the rich teams can just spend their way to success.
I think that any team in breach of the cost cap should be excluded from the constructors standings and any championship prize money forfeited. I don’t think the drivers standings should be changed regardless of the outcome.
They should reserve exclusion of the team and drivers for repeat offenders, but the significant impact of the loss of prize money should be enough to see that being unlikely.

Unfortunately or likely deliberate……the penalties should have been crystal clear from the start…….now there is wriggle room with the FIA which always looks a “muddy” outfit at best.

That’s a bit of straw-manning. It’s probably down to interpretation of what’s covered by the cap and what isn’t. It’s the first year of the rules after all so there’s bound to be some grey areas. Like with the design rules any team will always try to exploit them. If it’s not a grey area but a deliberate crossing of a line it’s a different story of course, but I’ve seen no hint of evidence in that direction. Nor is it likely that four out of 10 teams would be so stupid.

Also, if the latest rumours are correct we’re talking about (potentially) being 1M over in the case of RBR, which you seemed to be singling out, so your 155 should read 146.

The bigger issue here is at the FIA though, how is it possible that all this leaks even before the investigation is concluded?


How shocking. That doesn’t sound like the FIA at all :joy:

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I think it’s now believed that AM are the biggest transgressor around perhaps $10M.

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I’ve heard that Mr Wolfs main gripe, is Red Bull provide free food to it’s employees in their canteen and he wants the cost of the sandwiches to be included in the Red Bull budget.

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And the energy drinks

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Surely, if that turns out to be true, then AM’s biggest concern should be why are they at the back of the grid and not the front?

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Because they chose to spend it developing two completely different concepts instead of pouring it into one :slight_smile:

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Looks as if neither concept had much to do with producing a competitive F1 car.

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Another wet race, expected to get even wetter during the race.