F1 Fractal Interconnects

Anyone tried the Fractal interconnects from Townshend?

I have TQ Silver II at the moment but I was wondering if the F1 Fractal would give any improvements?

Sorry, correction that’s my speaker cable. The interconnects are currently Ultra Black II.


Well I know it’s ‘lockdown’ so pre-listening is hard at the moment but Townshend offered me a fantastic deal on some F1 interconnects which I couldn’t, really, refuse. All the reviews and forum posts I read say these are the bees-knees and, for the price I paid, it was hard to go wrong, and I know I said I was kind of done re. changes and upgrades but I’m looking at this as a relatively low cost tidy-up. As they said down at Townshend, the price is so good I could sell them in 6 months time for what I paid so it’s a low risk purchase. So a week later this is what we have:

I like the quirky packaging they use. It was a flight case for the Allegri+ and I think that’s a film cassette for the interconnects - surprised you can still get those!

Not tried yet… sometime this pm, hopefully.

I use them between my phono stage and my Allegri preamp.

Fitted… another stressful play around the back of the rack. A quick background listen whilst checking emails which, tbh, is not a fair test. They sound fine at the moment but I need to get some time to have a ‘proper’ listen.

Still on lockdown/quarantine but, at the moment, I simply don’t seem to have any spare time!

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