Facebook stream to NDX/SN2

Can someone advise me how to connect/ listen to a music stream on Facebook to my NDX/SN2 please?

I can’t say I’ve ever tried, but I presume either AirPlay or Chromecast would do it. Which of those works for you might depend on what device you use for Facebook.

My NDX doesn’t have BT or AirPlay Chris.
I have Facebook on my iPhone, David Gilmore does a concert stream I would like to listen to.

Ah, sorry I missed that you have a 1st gen. NDX. So unless you have a spare AirPort Express or Chromecast Audio lying around, that’s out.
You may find that a wired connection from iPhone to NDX USB port works. If it doesn’t send sound to the NDX when you first try it, play something from iTunes/Apple Music, which should work, then switch over to Facebook.

Thank you Chris I will give it a go!

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