Factory Repair Questions....so many questions!

Just about to send my CD5i across the pond for a repair. It’s been a great CD player for 13 years but now its a complete fuss-budget… skipping etc. Speaking of budget, how much should I expect such a repair to cost… (just a rough estimate ?) What kind of shipping is used to England and from NYC ? I expect the shipping is going to be the painful part…Wish I lived just down the road and I would bring it by bicycle.

I thought repairs for U.S customers were carried out by the distributor in the U.S, perhaps @Richard.Dane can confirm?

Have you tried a new puck?


That’s my understanding, yes.

I would contact your local Naim dealer or distributor.

Not being funny here but I feel it’s not cost effective to do with shipping costs, repair, import taxes maybe. Also will it arrive back ok

A weakness of Naim CD players is that the puck wears out, a short term solution is to squeeze the nipples at the bottom of the puck .

Before I spent any serious money, I would get a new puck . If American dealers can’t supply I would suggest TomTom Audio

On a CD5i the puck doesn’t really wear out as such, they are different from the pucks of old, changing for a new puck is unlikely to sort the problem. FWIW 13 years from a VAM 1202 mech is quiet good innings IME. I’d expect a new replacement one to be around £400/450? In which case, depending on how much one values their player in having that done, is another thing entirely.


Thanks, I didn’t know that . It’s good to find out new things

best wishes


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Contact Michel at Focal/Naim. Ships to US and driven to Canada. They are good folks and can still repair your CD player. Sounds like your laser is shot.

Just to clarify, this return can only be done through an authorized local Naim dealer, which I am in contact with. I was just curious as to what the details are in my case, the fix, the cost the time it takes etc. The local dealer has his opinions but won’t really speak to the price, the cost, the time understandably cannot divulge much. has anyone else sent their Naim product back to the factory via their local Naim dealer? There must be a few of you out there. Also, from my experience with 25 + year old cars , the things that fail on one have failed already on many others in the exact same way. Thinking: faulty laser-reader, is a good guess… either way, I appreciate the lively discussion and as much as I suspect the repair & shipment will get very well near replacement cost, I don’t like throwing things out which are repairable, I just don’t, and my wallet hates me for it. Will look into a new puck, that seems way too easy though!

Sorry but a new puck isn’t going to do it, for the reasons already given.

The puck with rubber bits that can be tugged round a bit for better contact with the CD fitted the CD5 and CDS3 players, and possibly others before them.

Your CD5i puck is not one of them.

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Naim offer fixed price repairs and your dealer should give you a quote to include transport. What do you mean by they ‘won’t divulge much’? It’s their job to give to a price and arrange the service. Nobody here can tell you. Is your dealer an idiot who is playing games with you?

The last time I sent off my old CD5i for a new mech was the backend of 2018. The price then from memory was around £370. Naim also replaced a door hinge, logo and screen. Oh and new packaging. Plus a firmware update. I was really pleased with the outcome and it came back singing like a canary. Since then though I suspect the prices have crept up by at least another £100 but that is a total guess on my part.


Thanks Stephen, This seems logical. Appreciate the info. I will, eventually, post my own results here.

…and HH dealer really won’t know what needs replacing until they open up the case … my LCD screen is also a bit diminished, so I suspect that will be refreshed as well… looking forward to getting this all sorted. Hopefully it’s not as surprising as when I sent my Omega Speedmaster in for servicing. Thanks people!


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As HH as already mentioned, Naim do “fixed price” repairs.


The new price list for servicing and repair was posted by Naim a while back. You can find it here:

CD players are within the “analog” category. It never was explained when something would just need a service, when it needed a repair, or when it needed both service and a repair. But the costs are all shown here, supposedly to guide the dealers.

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To be clear, Naim do fixed priced servicing. If it’s going to the Naim factory the dealer can give you a price. They just need to decide whether to add or subtract from the Naim fixed price, and how much they charge for carriage. It really is that simple. They do not need to open the case. Just ensure you tell the dealer exactly what fault or faults you are experiencing and ask them to pass that information on to Naim. Naim will then check that the fault has been fixed once they have done the work. Your dealer should know all this, hence why I’m questioning their competence.

All that said, others have written, the US distributor can do servicing without the need to send it across the Atlantic. Your dealer should know this. They should liaise with the distributor to get you a price.

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I think it’s these guys who can fix your unit.
If you scroll down you will find contact information and America dealers who are the link with them.

They have an office here just beside Montréal, so I would bet my UnitiQute there are a few offices in USA. :wink: Just to show you how confident I am.

I believe you are correct. As far as I know, all North America Naim repairs and servicing are done by Naim Focal, just outside of Montréal. I live in Montréal, so I am happy my Naim stuff stays local. :smiley:

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Interesting… Montréal? Sounding better and better, as far as shipping goes.
Funny that the on the Naim service price list, the CD Player is categorized as “analogue” , I suppose some of it is…