Factory Reset after 3.6.0 - Who Has?

I found the balance of my NDX2/555PSDR a bit ‘off’ after the install of 3.6.0 so switched off for a few hours and then did a factory reset.

Sounds wonderful now!


I always just power down for 10 minutes or so after every firmware change…fingers crossed it has always worked.

Hi Graham,
I have the ND555, tried powering down and unplugging for several hours, but not the factory reset.
Any pointers on what the factory reset does?
Will it revert to the original purchase firmware and do I loose playlists etc.?

You’ve probably guessed I’m not entirely happy with the new firmware.

In my system the presentation was immediately more focused, tighter and accentuated, to the point of aggressive in a hard punchy way.
Would be delighted if the factory reset addressed these issues because there is much to like about the update, and it’s free.
Many thanks

The firmware will remain 3.6.0 @Rustyneedle but I think you’ll have to reset everything as ‘set up a new product’ is what you select. I lost favourites but was happy to trade that for a rebalancing of the sound.

After updating to 3.6.0 and without the reset the sound was a touch brash and flat. The reset has sorted it out. Lovely depth and enhanced separation with 3.6.0.

My ears, my system etc etc…


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Thanks Graham,
Yes, I can relate to brash and like you generally felt all was positive .
Thanks again for the prompt reply and will hopefully try when I get home.
Fingers crossed

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Applied 3.6 to my ND5XS2, no factory reset, cup of tea or power off required.

Yup. . :slightly_smiling_face:

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