Failing Snaic?

Here’s hoping someone may be able to help.
I’ve had a problem on the vinyl side of things. About 6 weeks ago I bought a used box set on eBay and was disappointed at the amount of really loud clicks present on what looked like pristine vinyl.
Then I got these clicks on albums I knew were silent. Hmmm, more to this than I thought me thinks.
Dealer contacted and advice given.
The Superline was removed and a Stageline put in. No clicks. Culprit found and returned to HQ.
However before the Superline returned to me the clicks did. Take out the HiCap DR then. Problem solved. But not for long. Aaargh!
So it seems the problem has to lie with the snaic. I can’t imagine a tonearm cable fault would present like that.
One thing I have just noticed is when I get the click (more like a crack tonight tbh) the music disappears unlike how a vinyl click is over the music.
Anyone had a snaic fail and did it present like this?
Snaic has been removed and will borrow one from my dealer next week …

I’ve occasionally had snaic failure. Usually following several beers or glasses of wine…:rofl::rofl:


I guess there’s only one way to find out if it’s the SNAIC - substitution. Let us know how it goes.

Well, unless the one I borrowed from my dealer is broken too then it’s not the Snaic.
We’re pretty stumped what to try next …

So far we’ve:
Removed the HiCap DR
Swapped Superline for Stageline
Swapped snaics

There’s no problem on CD or Tuner which I’d expect if it were the amps.

Any ideas other than pick a new hobby?

Steve O

Steve, how are you connecting to the Superline? BNC or RCA Phono? If the latter, are you using the corresponding Next Generation RCA plugs?

Hi Richard,
I’m using RCA Phono but not sure what you mean by “corresponding Next Generation RCA plugs”. They’re the same plugs that have worked flawlessly since 2010 when I switched to my Xerxes 20+.
I’ve also checked all the earthing this afternoon in case it was that. Grasping at straws in reality …
Steve O.

From your description it seems like the clicks only appear on the Phono input - does it occur all the time or only when actually playing a record ?

What is the kit you have - TT, Arm, Cartridge etc ?

The issue is that some normal RCA phono plugs make a poor connection with the Next Gen sockets on the outer conductor. If they have locking collars then make sure the collars are tightened fully. As a test, try some 50ohm BNC to RCA phono adaptors on the BNC inputs. They aren’t the best long term solution but if the clicks go away, you’ve found the problem.

It happens when playing a record and not before the record has played for 15 - 20 minutes or so.
Then what sounds like a rifle crack. My first thoughts were static but using an RCM and a Zerostat had no effect.
I’ll try BNC’s Richard but wonder why they’ve not proved troublesome before …

System is:
Roksan Xerxes 20+/Artemiz 2/Dynavector XX2
Superline/HiCap DR
NAC252/Supercap DR
Totem Mani-2 Signatures
Tellurium Q Ultra Black

So if you then stop playing the record and leave on the phono input, do you still get clicks or is it only when a signal is present (ie playing a record)

If you move the arm back and forth over the platter (with the arm lift raised) do you get any clicks ?

If Richard’s suggestion doesn’t work then can you substitute another TT in place of your present setup ?

Have had cracks when moving the arm, but moving the arm doesn’t cause it to happen. To be honest I’ve not left it on phono with the volume up but because it has made a crack when moving the arm I’m assuming it would click if left on phono with the volume up.
No option to substitute another TT unfortunately.

Try it - it’s another useful but of info.

It doesn’t happen on other inputs, you seem to have ruled out the phono stage (it does it on both the Stageline and Superline). It also sounds like you have eliminated the Hicap by using the Aux2 input on the 252 to power it and the problem still exists.

Just trying to understand if the noise is coming from something internally from the system itself or external to the system (eg something like a central heating thermostat turning on and off).

How frequent are the clicks ?

Hi James.
The clicks are infrequent and irregularly spaced but extremely violent in nature. It’s literally that loud I thought it was a firework.
The one option I hadn’t considered is something external to the system. I guess the next step is to switch off everything except the hifi.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Many thanks James.
Unplugged everything bar the system and the cracks disappeared.
Plugged them back in one at a time until the problem returned. The culprit was the dogs water fountain …
Steve O.


Good news Steve, and well done James.

By the way, Steve what exactly is the “dogs water fountain”…?

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That’s good news Steve. I’m intrigued by the “dogs water fountain” too…


Our little Jack Russell is prone to getting stones in her bladder. She’s on a special diet and needs to drink plenty of water - something she obviously has no understanding of. So the vet recommended we bought her a small fountain. It’s basically a pump that filters her drinking water and it then cascades like a mini waterfall into the water bowl. The splashing sound is supposed to encourage her to drink …

Not something I thought I’d ever post on a hifi forum :smile:

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Thanks Steve. I think that’s worthy of a picture in the pets thread.

Given that the fountain is the source of the problem is it safe to leave it in situ and running when not listening?
My instinct is not.
Steve O.

I would probably start looking for another solution.