"Family friendly" equipment housing

Looking for recommendations and experience on equipment housing.

As far as I’m concerned, the housing with the most audio magic is going to be the one that gets past the aesthetics committee and still allows me to buy the kit I want.

I don’t need line of sight to the Naim black boxes because they’ll anyway be controlled via the wifi app on an iPad. So I won’t be using either the zigbee or infrared remote.

I’m currently looking at a 2 box system consisting of ndx2+ sn3, but if I could get away with it I’d probably go for ndx2 + second hand 252+sc+300dr.

There’s a company in the Netherlands called pastoe.nl that makes fully customized lacquered furniture.

Has anyone else gone this route?

How much room behind the shelves do I need to leave for the Burndy bend radius etc.?

And what about cooling?

The TV will be wall mounted, so there’s no box needed for that. And all media films music etc. are either streamed or on a NAS.


Hi MeToo, I suspect I know your problem, I lived for a few years with ugly black metal ‘racks’ & with a somewhat vocal aesthetics police dept., but I must say that secretly I actually agreed.
We went for a big makeover in the main living room with some quality furniture & other fittings & the rack ‘had to go’. Long story short I got my own design ‘approved’ & with the help of a friends professional wood machine shop, I made my own.
It houses a Supernait, NDX (was a CDX2) & NAT-05, it has open front, semi open back & closed sides, it has three visible ‘Naim’ shelves & a hidden under-space for power, excess speaker cable & ‘other’ PSU stuff.
The shelf depth (F-R) is 360mm & the NDX is 314mm, that leaves enough room at the back for an easy burndy exit bend.
The shelf height is 100mm (the same as IsoBlue shelves) which leaves 13mm over the top & that to me is ‘aesthetically’ correct, but that aside cooling has never been a problem.
Good luck with your search

BDI make some really nice pieces of appealing and functional hi-fi / AV furniture


Thanks for the replies. Very useful information and links.

I’ll pass them on to the aesthetics committee.

As far as the engineering and finance committees are concerned, any investment of 2 Euro in furniture that facilitates a 10 Euro return on investment in black boxes is a no brainer.

Pastoes Amsterdammer here, used to store my lp’s, not the Naim stuff:


I’d say contact them. I have been a few times at their factory in Houten and I found it a very approachable company.

Highly recommended.

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Sorry, that was giving me a terrible neck ache!


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