Fantastic free upgrade!

I’d read a brief mention of this in another thread, tried it, and was so impressed that I’m inspired to broadcast it further.

It’s for 282 owners, many of whom may already know about it, so please indulge me.

During playback, toggle the ‘Mute’ button in the lower ‘Recording’ row and also the button furthest away from the Playback button that you are using.

The result here was little short of astonishing, as though I had just had a major upgrade to one of the other boxes… :wink::smiley:

Happy days.

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“Toggle” means to switch on & off or off & on. Do you mean set the mute button to mute or set to un-mute ??

Anyhow I’ve tried all possible combo’s on my Supernait & it makes no difference;
Maybe PCB track layout or that the Record bank outputs are buffered.
Whatever, happy to hear its a bonus for 282 owners

Would be interested if someone could explain how this is possible, perhaps @ richarddane could help here. But anyhow, good news for 282 owners.

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I checked it yesterday on my 552 and couldn’t detect any difference. However, I have always muted the record line when not in use and selected an unused input on that side too. I used to do that when I owned an 82 and 52 too.

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Yes, by 'toggle" I mean switch ‘on’ from ‘off’…


Anything that draws more current from the power supply will be detrimetal to SQ.
Muting the record bank de-energises the relay coils & thus draws less current.
This is the logic applied in switching the display illumination off, removing unused phono/tape buffer cards etc.


Shame you forgot to do that on the new streamrs, then :grinning:

I was kind of refering to the preamp range - valid point though!


Thanks Neil, i cannot hear a difference on my 252. But my hearing was never the same after a black sabbath concert in the 70,s. Have a great weekend.

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It was two consecutive nights of Motorhead when I was at University that did it for me :flushed:


I saw a Gillan gig in about 1980 and through ringing ears heard it being mentioned on Thames News the next day as having been so loud that the front row were in danger of hearing damage within 10 minutes, luckily I was in the middle rows. And then there was the Hawkwind/Motörhead double bill at Brixton Academy…


Yes, when its still in your head / ears whirling around…for a few days.
Oops, but hey they were great times👍


OK - so mute the Recording row, but which button furthest away? Recording row? If you do that on the Playback row you potentially change source do you not?

Happy to give it a whirl.

How is your 282 powered?

Fluffy Toy ‘Hicap’/NAPSC.

It was a Rory Gallagher gig that wiped out my hearing for several days. I’ve tried to be more careful since.

Is that a new model ? :sunglasses:

Clive, where are sitting for Steve Hackett!!! I will bring ear plugs in case!


I’ve sent you a reply by email. See you Monday.

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Still not sure if I understand this correctly - Mute the recording section, then press the button furthest away from the playing source in which row?

The Record sources (otherwise you’d hear nothing!)