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@Richard.Dane. I use DuckDuckGo as my iOS browser and indeed search engine of choice. It’s a privacy oriented browser and I’m especially a fan of their user-friendly “Close Tabs and Clear Data” button.

A recent update produced the rather nice option to press the above button but remain logged in to sites you use. I’m a member of few forums but the functionality is handy. It works perfectly for every site I need it to except… yes, this one.

Is there something Naim can do to address this at their end please?

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Hi Mike, thanks for your message. I’ll pass it on to our web developer and see what he has to say. Best wishes, Richard

Hi Mike, I’ve heard back from our web developer. Comments as follows:

This is a hard one to pin down - I don’t use ios or duck duck go so not familiar with this feature.

I can’t find any details about it on the web either.

I guess there must be a whitelist of urls that get to keep the site data when the “Close Tabs and Clear Data” button is pressed?

If that is the case, could we find out what urls are whitelisted?

Maybe it’s something to do with Discourse being a single page application.

To check this it would be worth the user testing the behaviour on the Discourse demo site.


If it does the same there, then the issue lies with Discourse and probably not much we can do about it except submit some reports.

Brilliant. Thanks Richard. I’ll test it out once I’m home; thawed out and have removed the hail from my ears.

OK Mike. Let me know how you get on.

Well then. Clicked the link. Created an account. Logged in. Saved as a fave. Clicked the DDG wipe button. Closed the app. Opened the app. Clicked the Discourse fave link and… had to log in all over again.

Disappointing but that does appear to answer the question thank you. Tried adding both Naim and Discourse to the DDG white list but alas apparently not.

Just have to hope someone looks at it and decides to change the behaviour.

DDG takes some getting used to and doesn’t play especially nicely with iOS but I’m sticking with it as I like the privacy features and being able to limit Google’s intrusion.

OK thanks for the feedback Mike.

Hi, I was curious about this, just tested and it’s working for me. When you login to the Naim community, is the site listed in the settings section “keep me signed in”?
I’m using DuckDuckGo version 7.38 and the only adjusted setting is switching on “keep me signed in”

I’m on 7.38 also and the short answer is that “no” it doesn’t show up in the list.

I have a potential culprit in that I use PrivacyPro VPN (you’ll notice a latter here) so I wonder whether Discourse is reliant in some way on AWS or Google.

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