FAQ on uploading photos to forum

Just been to the FAQ section to remind myself how to upload photos to the forum. Most of the old FAQs no longer present, including Richard’s one on how to do it!

My own ‘how to integrate av into a naim system’ faq has also disappeared. Perhaps the old FAQs should have been imported into the ‘new’ forums?

Had a think, and recalled that I was using Photobucket. Went to their website, and the free bit seems to have disappeared. Not willing to pay a monthly sub for something I will rarely use.

So. I have a Dropbox account. How do I do it from that? I know how to get a link for someone to download a file from me, but how do I make them automatically appear on a forum posting?

You don’t need a FAQ on loading photos because it’s so easy! You don’t need to save it in a photo sharing site either.

So you just type your message then look at the bottom of the box you are typing in and there is a small icon that looks a bit like a photo of a hill with the sun to the left. Tap that and you can navigate to the photo you want to upload and upload it from wherever it is, including taking the photo there and then. On an iPad you can preview it, but on a phone you have to go ahead and upload it before you can see it. You can always edit it after uploading if you want, just like editing anything else.


I know that, but I have fifteen photos to upload, and last time I tried that with multiple photos (a couple of years ago) the forum site baulked at it.

This forum platform is only a year old so if it was two years ago, that’s the last forum and problems you had then aren’t relevant to now.



Dungassin, as David says above, it’s now very straightforward and you can load pictures directly to the forum. Best just load either one or a couple at a time, but it’s so straightforward it should be no hardship.

p.s. the old FAQs still exit in the Naim Forum Archive here:


I’ve reduced the file sizes to 72 ppi, so size shouldn’t really be a problem. I’ll do it later today when I’ve finished ripping a 9 CD audiobook and making it into a usable form form for the iOS app Bound.

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