Fascinating Maps and diagrams


Any idea what year this was?

Sorry no … I’ll see if I can find it. Sadly it’s not in my history - sorry

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Animated map of the battle of Waterloo

Most successful music artists in area.


It’s interesting and presumably more than a bit subjective.

Cher Lloyd is from my county. Never heard of her. What about Robert Plant, John Bonham, Jim Capaldi, or perhaps Edward Elgar?? Even Harry bleeding Styles. Grrr.

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A desperate attempt to steal Olivia Newton John from the place she called home. Shame shame shame. :grin:


er… I thought Olivia Newton John was Aussie.

Born in Cambridge

And moved to Australia at a very early age. She grow up in Melbourne. Gee next you’ll be wanting the credit for the Bee Gees. :rofl::rofl:

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AC/DC were British though. :thinking:

Oh no they won’t. :grin:

Oh yes they were,:rofl: