Fault 28

Hi, I had an Nd5 xs streamer connected with digital cable to Naim Dac. Both are powered by naim psu (555 for dac and xps2 for the streamer). Many times my streamer show me an error as fault 28. If I Turn off the streamer sometimes it return to work fine, sometimes I have to wait more than one hour with streamer off to be able to use it as well. Sometimes it show this “fault 28” during Streaming. Nd5 has already 4.6 firmware installed. The streamer is connected to a Synology Nas with an Ethernet cable. Does anyone knows how to fix it?

This was old topic, it’s been a while since it seemed to work without xps. but for some days the error has also occurred in stand alone mode. Now I upgraded it to 4.7

thank you Francesco

You should probably arrange for a fault diagnosis and repair through your dealer.

You have Nd5xs/ xps2/Ndac/555dr: not common set up.
Why not an Nds/555dr: 2 boxes vs 4, and better sound?

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