Fault 28

Hi, I had an Nd5 xs streamer connected with digital cable to Naim Dac. Both are powered by naim psu (555 for dac and xps2 for the streamer). Many times my streamer show me an error as fault 28. If I Turn off the streamer sometimes it return to work fine, sometimes I have to wait more than one hour with streamer off to be able to use it as well. Sometimes it show this “fault 28” during Streaming. Nd5 has already 4.6 firmware installed. The streamer is connected to a Synology Nas with an Ethernet cable. Does anyone knows how to fix it?

thank you Francesco

Francesco welcome. You could check with Naim Support after the holidays but I think this is a hardware fault. It may just be a bad connection internally since the streamer works ok for you most of the time, so your dealer may be able to take the case off and check all the plug and socket connections on the boards, but otherwise it will need a service either by Naim in UK or by your local Naim service agent if there is one.



Hi Francefusaro,

I’d try using the ND5 without the XPS (use the link plug) & see if you get the same problem.
This would rule out the power supply as being the problem.
Fault 28 is a communication problem between the main processor & the “brain” on the streaming card.
If a regulated voltage rail from the XPS is failing, you may get this error.
Give it a try.

Thank you I will try with this kink of solution. Why this happens? Isn’t this an upgrade option for the streamer?

Yes, the XPS is a sonic upgrade against using a ND5XS as a stand alone unit.
But in order to fault find your set up, you need to isolate the problem.
Remove the power supply & use the ND5 without a power supply & see if the problem persists.


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