Fault 35 on an ND5 XS?

I was gone from home for 4 days. When I got back, it was written “Fault 35” on the screen of my ND5 XS. I rebooted it and it is now working fine. Has anybody seen this fault before? Is it just a temporary glitch, or could it be a sign of some bigger problem?

It has been working fine since the reboot, so I am hoping it was just a temporary glitch.

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It’s been working fine for hours. It must have been a temporary glitch.

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It seems no one else has had this fault 35. Anyway, all is good. The ND5 XS has been flawless for 2 days straight.

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Sorry none of us could help you but that fault code isn’t one that is familiar. Naim’s Standard guidance says reboot a unit showing a fault code and if it persists then contact Naim support for advice.

Anyway hopefully it won’t happen again.



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Hi @DanielH

Fault 35 is when the system attempts to talk to the DSP. But fails to get a reply.

Based on when the unit is in idle there are no comms to the DSP so something happened while you were away to make it talk. I suspect there may of been a brief power cut / mains disturbance and the product rebooted and then had a very low input mains as the DSP was being configured at startup.

Overall, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

Thank you Steve!

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