Fault 35

Morning all.

I heard a ‘ping’ from the area of the naim system last night (like a small hard object had hit the casework).
Got up this morning & saw something like ‘fault 35 & DSP (sorry switched off & on; didn’t note the exact thing - DEFINITELY ’35’) & it seems to be working fine now: do I need to worry?
Thanks in anticipation.

A search on the forum found a post from Steve Harris, Naim Software Director, about the code.

Fault 35 is when the system attempts to talk to the DSP. But fails to get a reply.
Based on when the unit is in idle there are no comms to the DSP so something happened while you were away to make it talk. I suspect there may of been a brief power cut / mains disturbance and the product rebooted and then had a very low input mains as the DSP was being configured at startup.
Overall, I wouldn’t be too concerned

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I did (after ‘panic mode’ & creating the topic) do a ‘look up’ & found the above, many thanks for that :relaxed:
My concern is the ‘ping’ last night, then this appearing on the screen (could be a coincidence). I was just worried that something had broken, or could the sound have been a ‘relay’ (if there is such thing in there)?

Relays don’t ping! They go “tick” or “knock”.

If you had a short power outage at a time the house lights aren’t on so you didn’t notice and then the power happened to come back when the volts were at the extreme of the cycle, you could possibly get a ping from the transformer and the surrounding metalwork as the magnetic field is suddenly re-established. I should forget about it.



Thank you so much for putting my mind to rest: scary moment - fear of the wallet emptying by ££££££? :blush:
Stay safe & well. J

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