Fault code 238 on new Unity Atom

New to the forum so hello everyone, name is Malcolm and having problems straight away any help appreciated.

Good morning all, I purchased a new Unity Atom on Tuesday, set it up no problem spent the evening enjoying it. Yesterday it locked up and showed fault code 238, full reset undertaken several times and now switched off.
I have seen on here where this was an issue last year but nothing recent Does anyone know what the fix for this is or even if there is one?
It has also locked up a couple of times and at that I switched it off and went to bed. We have had a UnityQute since they first came out and it still works but the screen is blank so this one will have to go off to Naim for what I expect to be an expensive repair

I would contact your dealer about this.

Thank you, having only had it for 1 day it makes sense, I didn’t know if it was common and if a work round or update was available.

Thanks for your reply

Please see here, and make sure to update the firmware.

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Many thanks Robert,
I tried again today and to do a full factory reset and it came up with the full Naim icon set but we could not operate it at all. We have spoken to the supplier who has contacted Naim directly today and if it is a known issue then I assume we either accept a repair or get our money back and think again but I will contact Naim directly first.

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