Fault code 61 Bridgeco init fail

I am experiencing a fault code 61 on my Uniti 2 and ND5 SX streamer.ive seen the same faults reported before but the fix of turning the affected unit off and on, doesn’t work.The fault freezes the unit and won’t go away despite unplugging the unit, turning off power etc. does anyone know how to remove this fault ? The Unit2 developed the fault while I was upgrading from version 4.6 to 4.7 so I can understand to some degree the risk of an error but the Streamer wasn’t upgraded and I. Ant see why this fault has arisen. Please help

Perhaps @NeilS can offer some advice?

Unless NeilS comes back with a different view, I would recommend starting the upgrade again. It might well complete properly this time.



Hello Aggetta & welcome.

Fault 61 signifies that the main processor cannot communicate with the streaming module.
In the case of the Uniti, it sounds like the upgrade failed for some reason. The streamer part of the upgrade is performed via the network connection, so perhaps something interrupted it (hence why wifi is not recommended for running these updates.)
As David says - try re-running the upgrade, you may be lucky! If not, it will probably need a new streaming card.
As for the ND5 XS, this one sounds like a hardware failure I’m afraid.


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Thanks to both NeilS and David. Yes I agree wi fi for the upgrade is not ideal but I don’t have a wired connection at the moment due to a delay with the local Network provider. I will try the upgrade again and if it fails again I’ll take your advice and see my local Naim dealer. really appreciate your prompt and expert advice.

Ah if you are trying to upgrade it using a mobile connection rather than a broadband router, then possibly there is your problem. The upgrade process is in two parts. The first part is via the USB cable and the second part is delivered by Ethernet between your PC and the NDX. You need both units to have an IP address and normally the simple way to do that is to have both connected to the same router. You don’t actually need the router to have an internet connection but you do need the two units to be in the same subnet.

Upgrading via WiFi rather than Ethernet should be ok providing the two units are close to the WiFi Access Point.

Anyway let us know how you get on.



Thanks David
The upgrade appeared to be successful based on the upgrade notes accompanying the software and the system worked for about 30 mins and then I started getting the fault code again . Looks like I will need to take to a Naim repairer.
Regards Aggetta

I’ve done firmware updates over WiFi with no trouble in the past, but if this is causing you problems I would buy a cheap long Ethernet cable and use it temporarily for the update.
Also once an update is completed it may help to factory reset the streamer.

I can’t promise any of this will solve your problem, but maybe worth a try before you pack up the unit and send it away for repair.

Thanks Chris. The update via wi fi did work and I did the factory reset as suggested but the problem persists. Nice suggestion though thanks.

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