Faulty Snaic?

I sold my NAP 200 recently and the buyer heard a loud noise from his speakers. He has it connected to an Uniti (2).
I never used the standard Snaic (used an aftermarket one between NAC 272 and NAP 200.

The following picture was send to me:


Is it normal for the bit of copper seen on the picture to stick out? And could it have caused the loud noise?
And can the Nap 200 be connected to the Uniti without further settings?

Are you talking about a snaic (which includes connection for power) or an interconnect (signal only)? Your buyer should not be using a snaic.
What is your buyer’s uniti? Superuniti, unitilite or a new platform uniti (atom,star,nova)?

Is that the standard Snaic4 that came with the 200. Looks like the strain relief is missing for a start ?

With a NAP 200 comes a Snaic 4 I believe?
When I bought the NAP 200 there wasn’t one in the box and it didn’t matter because I used it with a Unitiqute 2.

(I sold the NAP 200 and bought a 250 along with the Snaic 4 assuming it was the original part missing in the first place)

Understood. I take it from the picture that the buyer is not using a genuine Snaic 4 then ?

Nap200 comes with a 4 pin snaic for powering eg 202 or 282. You shouldn’t power a uniti. One of the pins supplies 24v.

You can still connect a 200 (or any Naim power amp that has a 24v rail) to the Uniti. The pre-out socket on the Uniti just doesn’t use that pin.

So the Snaic could be used as it bypasses the 24 volt pin/thread/rail? (And thus not connected?)

Yes - you connect a Snaic4 between 200 and Uniti. It’s the cable that should have been supplied originally with the 200.

It’s perfectly fine to use the Snaic to connect a 200 to a Uniti. However, the Snaic in the picture may be damaged. It should look like this:

If a bit of copper sticks out, I would assume the snaic 4-4 is broken. I believe (not sure!) the din sockets provide grounding too so in worse case the signal or 24v connection was connected to the ground.

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