Faulty Uniti Nova

I usually leave my nova turned on but turned it off as I was away for the weekend. On switching it back on today there was a very loud output from the speakers causing the cones to hit the stops…sounded like a sine wave. I quickly powered off and left for a few mins, but on reinserting the power cable there was a fizz, pop and the unmistakable smell of burnt out componemets!!

I’ll be speaking to my local dealer about an RMA under warranty tomorrow, but I have a couple of quick questions

  1. Are my speakers likely to be damaged? I don’t have anything to test them with at the moment. They were subjected to the fault for no longer than 20-30 seconds.

  2. Is COVID delaying repairs at the moment? Any idea what timeframe I can expect to be musicless!

Cheers Simon.

That doesn’t sound good! I suggest you take your speakers to your dealer for testing. They will be able to get a time estimate from Naim.

Did the burning smell come from the amp or speakers? Do your speakers have ports? Smell in the ports. Could have damaged the voice coils.

As HH says, your dealer should be able to ascertain whether the speakers have any damage - hopefully not - and also they should be able to expedite a repair for you. Also worth asking them if there’s anything they can loan to you while the Nova is at Naim - would be great, if so, and will help you to find out if there was any speaker damage done.

Thanks for the comments.

The burning smell is definitely from the nova, the speakers smell and look ok. I’ll be speaking to my local dealer today so I’ll either arrange to take them in to test or hopefully they’ll lend me something to keep me going at home.

Welcome to the forum. I am interested to hear in due time what caused the issue. I bought myself a Powerquest2 once basically to avoid weird power surges to damage my lovely Uniti Star. But maybe this is no guarantee whatsoever, and I lulled myself into a false sense of security :slight_smile: I also like power off my gear when I go off for the holidays. So far only a mild ‘pop’ could be noticed when powered on again.

I’ll try and update with what the issue was when it gets returned.

Something significant has obviously failed. Maybe someone with knowledge of amplifier design will have an idea what has happened to cause the output to the speakers I experienced.

You don’t expect electronics to fail these days do you and it was certainly a bit of a shock when I switched on last night! There is a hell of a lot going on in one box with the Uniti range though.

Possibly @NeilS may be able to speculate here, however probably best diagnosed when on the bench.

To be honest, I’d only be interested in what failed if there was something I have done to cause/prevent it. But that isn’t going to be the case. It was turned on from cold and something failed as can happen. I use 5m A5 speaker cable, it’s well ventilated, never driven hard etc. Just one of those things I suppose.

Anyway I’m in touch with my dealer and sorting things out!

Sorry to hear about this Simon, like you say, it certainly was a component failure at switch on.
Depending on the amount of damage caused, it can be very difficult to ascertain exactly what caused it anyway.
Hopefully your speakers will be okay & you’ll be back up and running soon.


Thanks Neil,

It’ll be winging it’s way down to Salisbury in the next few days hopefully.

I’ll be testing my speakers tomorrow. I’m reasonably confident they will be ok.

My first Nova went up in smoke as well, luckily it didn’t emit any signal to the speakers but it smelt of burning electrical components and smoke was pouring out of it.
I contacted Naim who said to return it to the dealer.
As it was two days old the Naim dealer swapped it for a new replacement which has been perfect.

I’ve tested my speakers on the end of a friends Uniti Atom and all appears to be ok, so that’s a relief!

My nova is 9 month old and had not missed a beat until now. Couldn’t have been happier with it.

It’s being collected on Monday and rough fix date is first week of August.

My Naim Nova died after 3 months of use and has been in repair since April. I haven’t received a single update from Naim since it got sent back to the UK from Singapore.

The loaner unit I received has its own quirks - like Airplay not working sometimes. As a new customer - not too pleased - and I’m worried that as soon as the warranty period is up it will brick itself again.

Clay, did you send it directly to Naim or was it done through your dealer/distributor? If the latter then they should be able to easily find out the status. It may well already be on it’s way back got Singapore with one of their shipments, or else waiting for one to go.

Thanks Richard. Yes it’s through the distributor and they just informed me I’m getting a new unit and new warranty next week. Thanks for sprinkling your magic on it :wink:

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