Favorite Christmas albums

I dont have any Christmas records in my physical collection. But now I’ve started streaming the wife has insisted I get some festive music, so at the risk of hogging the thread, my apologies, but this is my Tidal selection so far. If I get through this lot along with the Tidal Christmas playlists it will be a Christmas miracle…
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Bah humbug! :rofl:

Also added Jimmy Smith as posted by @klacke

I’m really enjoying this album from Till Bronner.

Whilst not totally convinced of his singing capability there are guest singers who are very able and the musicianship of the band and orchestra is excellent. A fine recording sound quality wise too. It’s on QoBuz and worth a listen.


The King Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas. Originally released 1971 by RCA Victor.

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Thea Gilmore, one of the UK’s finest singer songwriters.
She was on the Naim label for a time.


An entertaining alternative view of Christmas. On Bandcamp

Local to us, the band leader is an ex colleague.

Check out their other material, including the biscuit song with the punchline ‘Oreos are just Bourbons for pricks’!

One of my favourites. The proper carols the church chucked out but sung in packed pubs (not this year) in Yorkshire and Cornwall.
Sweet Bells by the Yorkshire Nightingale. Kate Rusty

What would truly be a miracle would be to get through that lot without slitting my wrists or doing real damage to my hifi!!

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This comes out every year. Love ‘Sugar Rum Cherry’ version of Sugar Plum Fairy

Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 08.34.30

Heard the Quadriga Consort on Radio 3 a few Christmases ago. Early music , exceptional clarity on vocals

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This is the original cover - much better

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This is pretty exceptional.

Don’t really have a fav, but I am listening to Kate Rusby holly head and really enjoying it. :blush:

A folk take on some Christmas favourites.

Wow, that’s a blast from the past. Melanie Safka?

Keb’ Mo’ - Moonlight, Mistletoe & You

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Spot on !

One of my earliest LP purchases with the Edwin Hawkins singers, followed by The Good Book and All the Right Noises (film soundtrack). I may have mentioned it elsewhere but one of the most memorable concerts, probably because of my age, but mostly because of the 1970’s power cuts, when Melanie refused to leave the stage at the Rainbow (ex Finsbuty Park Astoria). She sat down and gave her set acoustically while the audience waved their lighters to provide light. No mobiles obviously.
Great memories.

Bugge Wesseltoft

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