Favorite speaker pairing

Ok, so from my last Topic, probably going to try the Flatcap XS, as it’ll keep me away from some other upgrade path for a long time.

For speakers, anyone have favorites that have worked with their integrated or separates?

Hearing a lot about PMC, Harbeth and obviously Focal being good pairings. Anyone had success with Sonus Faber among others?

Yes, if you search the forum for Sonus Faber you will find many opinions about different models, including mine for the Olympica Nova III, which made it into the final shootout as one of 2 candidates in my recent auditions. Beautiful although I eventually chose differently

Tooooo much choice and just as many recommendations! I love my Piega Premium 701s with my NDX, 202, 200 but you will not often hear the Piega name on this forum.

I loved my B&W CM1’s driven by a SuperNait 1
… my B&W CM5s2’s driven by a Nait 5 (original one)
… my SBL’s driven by a Nac 72/hicap/140 (no hicap, no balance for me)

There are literally thousands of posts about speakers. Everyone has their favourite. If you want specific advice you need to narrow it down, considering the rest of the system, room size, position in the room and critically, budget. There is no point someone telling you their favourite and then you finding it costs £30,000 when you have a budget of £1,000.

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The world’s your oyster. As HH says you need to outline your context. But the most important factor is synergy, matching speakers with your room and system.

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What HH and Lindsay said. I have xs3 but you need to set your budget and then demo shortlist at your dealers and most importantly in your home

You absolutely must listen at home. I tried some speakers in the dealers demo room with similar electronics to mine and they were great. Trialled at home they were unlistenable with a huge booming, muddy bass. Demo room with a solid floor, my lounge with a wooden floor over a 36” crawl space!


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