Favorite things about Naim

A few things -
a) it’s not about what it sounds like - it’s more about what it makes you feel. Other systems leave me depressed or stone bored after I listen to them for the length of a CD or two - Naim leaves me with a feeling of elation and joy!
Rega does too - but in a different way - it makes even sad music sound joyful - in a happy puppy way… but I digress - and that’s just for the Rega Brio-R…

B) I just stick to Naim cables and done. No need to try a bunch of stuff out… helps with my OC nature …

C) no need for power conditioners etc


Agree with a) really involving sound
b) not sure? Found the Naim cable a bit unwieldy so use bog standard QED xt now.
c) the only conditioners i use are on my greying barnet!

What were those other systems you’re referring to ?

I have had a nearly 40 year love affair with Naim, started with a 42/110 into Kans with a LP12/Syrinx PU2/Asak front end. Still have the LP12, albeit much updated and after several Naim seperates and power supplies now have for convenience reason gone for a one box solution, in my case the UnitiStar.
I agree with MMky, whilst I like the Naim sound and that is what brought me to Naim in the first place, it is more that I always feel better after some time spent sitting down and listening to music with my system.

well it brings music to life, and Naim is to my ears about “being able to hear what the people on the recording are doing”. Not all hi-fi is capable of that.

The kit is built like a battleship and can basically last forever if you want to take advantage of Naim’s servicing regime.

Legacy, simplicity, musicality,

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