Favorite Tweaks for the Atom

Hello, I just bought an Atom (my first piece of Naim gear) so I am new to the forum. I couldn’t help myself and started pulling some of my tweaks out from other equipment and trying it out with the Atom. The one that jumped at me was putting a Symposium Ultra Shelf underneath the Atom. The sound stage became more three dimensional and the midbass detail seemed to increase. Anyway, highly recommended for those so inclined.

Anybody have anything that they have tried and that they liked?

The champion of Nova tweaking is @obsydian. It should help you for your Atom too.
@obsydian, I hope you are well.

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Hello my friend, all good albeit strange, hope you are too.

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After a hiatus of a decade from a fully active top end system, urban living, family life, i finally got back to Naim with a Muso 1 (disappointing, though the Muso 2 is damn good), 2 months later the Atom, about 3 weeks later the Nova (quite a few issues think 4 RMAs) and then i stopped (i was expecting to go ndx2/sn3, but a demo did not do it for me).

Muso tweaks - IEC cable, Ethernet cable and support helped albeit a little.
Atom - I did not have it long enough to tweak beyond i think a Chord Signature power lead
Nova - Cables, supports, servers (RPI, Innuos)

For me the biggest gains where the SR case fuses, the SR power cable and their MIG2.0 supports. The Fraim was the biggest disappointment (but i had to itch). Chord Indigo Ethernet (tested many inc freebies and Amazon £5). I regret selling my SR Ethernet and Chord Indigo.

Chord Ohmic speaker plugs - a small but worthy VFM improvement.
Cisco switch - very minor, but again worthwhile.
Innuos server - has opened improvements i never thought possible.
The Audiophilleo SPDIF converter, clocker, takes the Innuos even further.
After this stopped bothering with cables and stopped with Wireworld Ethernet and USB.

Oh i even tried the DIY Fraim glass thingy, very worthwhile.

Moral of the story, its not a race to say BINGO (ND555), enjoy each step of tweaking before adding component boxes, if your not enjoying it then its not worth it.

Most the tweaks i mention where always seen as solid foundations for component upgrades later, alas the tweaks and optimisation where head and shoulders above box upgrades.

I will concede if I added the boxes with the existing tweaks :ok_hand: but i reached i place where i do not feel the need to, i did write a thread “In the land of the blind, the one eyed …”

If i was recommending one easy tweak it is the SR Fuses, i would have said the DIY Fraim shelf (Naim spec glass and then Fraim ball and cups), but i found the glass tricky to source (then the mental agony of is is the EXACT Naim spec.

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Could you elaborate what this is?

Wow! Quite a list. Funny you mention the Innuos server, I was demoing one (before grabbing the Atom) and was just amazed at how good it was. I demoed the Zenith Mk III, which one are you using and how do you incorporate it with the Atom? Just as the server or as a Roon Core using the Atom as the endpoint?

My reasonable “go-to” for USB and Ethernet is Wireworld as well. I actually compared five or six USB cables a while back and Wireworld was consistently the one that I liked the most. I’m not familiar with the SR (I’m guessing Synergistic Research) case fuses, where are those on the unit, near the power cord input? Which SR power cords did you like?

Thanks for all the input!!!

Synergistic Research Orange plug fuses.

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I have the Zenith MK2, but again had a home demo of the Zen Mini MK2, ordered the MK3, it went pear shaped saw an ex demo Zenith and very happy.

With Innuos yes you can use it with Roon as a core, but you lose out of the track preloading via USB, so after a few Roon trials I am back to the Innuos via an Audiophilleo SPDIF converter.

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