Favourite Ben Webster albums

Just wondered what forum members felt were their top 3 Ben Webster albums.

Good morning,

how about these three:

atb, Tom


Nice choices.

I’d go for those three as well but a lot of his best stuff is with other people, like Duke Ellington.

I have managed to acquire these 4 cds recently and looking for other suggestions, so keep em’ coming.

Totaly agree… :blush:

atb, Tom


Nice to have them on vinyl. Thinking about it, I may also have the Oscar Peterson Ben Webster somewhere as well, so I must dig that out. Enjoy.

I’d go so far as too say I’m yet to hear a bad Ben Webster record but my favourites are Soulville and Roots with Jimmy Witherspoon.


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This one is pretty good image

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Not listened to that one yet. Good call.

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