Favourite Naim Gear

Not sure right area for this but following on my post in another area and getting thoughts from our leader @Richard.Dane ( not sure how I post yours here Richard ?) thought it worthwhile having folks favourite naim gear

Mine would be - CD555, 552 (252 very good though ) 250 , Nait ( 2 and SN3) nSATs

So many though

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Oh and superline and supercapDR

My top three, in no particular order…

NAC52 & 52PS.
Nait 2.
DBL Loudspeakers.

I also really like the 135s, Supernait 2 & 3 and NAT01 & 02, oh and the aesthetic of the NAC32.5 as well, but alas, I’ve never heard one!


Oh yes goodness me Yeti forgot about my NAT01 - I have it on every day - how could I forget - absolute classic


Mine are but in no particular order

Nait 2

Olive NAC 72/HICAP/NAP 250.


Wish I had heard the SL2’s HiFiman

My dealer here in Sydney sold a few pairs and he rated them very highly

Lost opportunity for me I suspect


I had a pair of Allaes for quite a number of years, a great speaker. My brother has them now, I keep trying to bribe him to get them back but to no avail

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MuSo Qb2


SL2s, 552, & superlumina din-din stick in my mind

Nat 05

I’ve owned two pairs of Allae’s over the years, regretted selling the first pair after 13 years of ownership so bought a second pair :slightly_smiling_face:

Sweet spot in the naim speaker range HIFiman

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SL2s are still regarded as one of the best speakers out there…

Some forum members who owned SL2s have moved onto the Kudos 808 but it took an 808 to finally part with the SL2

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Damn it wish I had the opportunity

I am one of them

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Nac 52/Supercap, CDS3 w 555PS

I was thinking of you Tim and your experiences with the SL2s as I posted :grin:

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For me…

  1. Olive 250
  2. 52
  3. CDS2
  4. 72
  5. Superline
  6. 140
  7. NDX2
  8. Anything else.

I’ve only owned 4 Naim pieces: a CD-player for many years and more recently a Nova, Core and a MuSo. I stream (Tidal), play my extensive ripped CD collection and play vinyl with my Transrotor. The Nova has been great for me as I downsized from multiple components and is my favourite Naim product. IMO, the Nova is greatly underrated by many of the Naim cognoscenti.