Favourite Naim Gear

The reference below to two phono inputs made me think both cards were in place.


Correct. The NAC 32 had provision for two sets of daughter cards for whatever type you desired; NA322 (N) for MM, NA323 (S, K, or E/R) for MC, NA328 for variable sensitivity CD, or NA326 for straight line level.

Thanks for the info on the 92 preamp Richard, I didn’t realise that it was a different design to the 42/62. Much appreciated

To me the CB era still optimises the classic Naim look. These, along with the 250 with just its logo and the rectangular green power button, still look fantastic today. Given that a lot of UK amps at the time comprised a bent metal chassis and sported switch gear and knobs straight out of the RS catalogue, the Naim amps really stood out as something different. My own Naim journey started with a CB 42.5 and 140 combo.

It’s great to see so many mint examples from this era are still around and in use.

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There are of course many similarities, but the casework was all new (full width, low profile) and allowed a much larger PCB area. The low profile casework also necessitated different daughter boards (NA5xx).

Here’s an old brochure picture of a NAC92 together with a NAC72 which displays the (outer) difference between the two;

Olive NAC72 NAC92

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lovely looking system!

One thing you might wish to try is moving the 52 to the top of the Fraim stack. It may very well sound better that way.

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Oh I think I’ve got it now - the 92 never came out in the shoebox but the 90 amp did for a while in the early days?

Yes, the first and second iterations of the NAP90 were in the shoebox case style.

I agree it still looks good, not sure it looks contemporary though. There is certainly contemporary fashion for retro looks but I think this falls into the genuine retro looks department.

5si, because it beats all competitors in the same price range.

For me, the Armageddon power supply, ARO tonearm and NAC52 pre-amplifier. All remain in my system today.

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Same JazzMan, apart from had the 52 way back , now the 252

I haven’t heard everything but I like the NAIT 2.

NDX2- after living with CDS2, 01, and even LP 12 some years ago- the streamer has opened up a world of music that I would never have discovered.
I do not miss any of the above sources since owning the NDX2, now powered by 555DR PS…
Do wonder if the ND555 would be worth it? Do not really want to hear an answer :wink:

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Great looking system and not a bad view either!

Snap! I have the same, and will never change them.


Has to be the 250DR. Before that had 200 (non DR) which seemed to buzz/hum quite a lot but not with 250DR. Slightly off topic but does DR reduce audible noise ?

If you mean humming transformers, I don’t think so. The only bad hummer I’ve had was an XPS. I had it upgraded to DR and rather hoped that it would be quieter when it came back from the factory. Unfortunately, it hummed just as much as before.


For me, the Naim Atom was a quite a revelation, having come from a Yamaha Stereo circa 1995 and before that, a mish mash of Chinese types with the exception of a quad system that easily outshone all others until it stupidly was traded in on an all-in-one system - yes, I still kick myself.
Following this, the SN3 and the CDS3 with the XPS2 just sounded right, in comparison to Macintosh(?) and others auditioned at the time - so I’ll have to say, again in no particular order


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