Feature request for the Focal & Naim app

Can I make a feature request for the Focal & Naim app?

Could we get it to play a selection of tracks in a random order on the streamer?

Currently I can add an album from my nas, or a number of albums, to the queue, but it only allows sequential play or I need to add them to the queue in a random order individually.


Hi, there is a small, inconspicuous ‘random’ button at the bottom of the Naim app screen near the volume control. Select it, add some albums or tracks to the play queue, and they will play in random order.

Fixed it for you!

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Can i request that dammed " random" button is removed !
Mine every so often is applied and i wonder why the tracks are not in the correct order.
Honestly I’d be happy to see it gone.


Now, why didn’t I notice that before?
I think I was looking for something at the time of adding to the queue.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

My feature request is to have switchable app icons allowing to select a Naim only icon. Focal & Naim… mildly irritating every single day. :expressionless:

Is there a way to stop the latest app version from being installed.

The latest focal/naim app appeared on my phone without any action from myself.

If you have AssetUPnP as a server it has Jukebox Track Selection and Jukebox Album Selection (useful for classical) options.
You can also adjust the Asset tree to add these options under Genre to make them genre specific.

It’s a setting on your IOS device. You can allow it to automatically update apps or not, as you choose. The default is to allow it to update apps, so yours is still set to the default I suppose.


I have an android phone and couldn’t find a way to universally disable all updates. But managed to disable Naim updates via play store.

How to Disable Automatic Updates

  1. Open the Play Store and tap your profile picture on the top right.
  2. Go to Settings, select Network preferences, and go to Auto-update apps.
  3. Select Don’t auto-update apps and tap DONE.
  4. You could also select the Over Wi-Fi only option if you’d prefer automatic updates on Wi-Fi.
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You’ve done better than a lot of us here. I spent the best part of an hour trying to work out why my **** streamer had stated playing random tracks from an album, trying other albums, checking metadata… before realising that little icon was very dimly bolder and I’d accidentally fat-fingered a shuffle button. It’s a quite common question here “Why has my streamer suddenly started randomising my music?”, they always get supportive and courteous replies because a lot of us remember our painful experience. :grinning:

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Naim designers seem to prefer a minimalist approach with subtle highlighting. I have the same problem with the way the currently playing track is highlighted -impossible to see in a sunlit room. It would really help if the aesthetics police would allow yhe use of colour

What I find annoying is that random/shuffle stays activated until manually deactivated, sounds obvious I know but to me it would be better if it automatically switched off when you select a new album or playlist, from memory that’s how a lot of native music streaming apps behave.

I agree, the random button is a menace. It is very annoying when for no apparent reason tracks start being played in the wrong order.

Could there be a setting somewhere in preferences whereby this can be disabled. the problem with touchscreen is that you can occasionally touch the screen without meaning to.

What I would like is direct access to booklets when streaming from Qobuz in the app. I’m talking about the booklet that typically comes with the CD and is provided by the record company for streams of at many (mostly classical) albums. So, not the information from the Rovi database as currently offered. This is available on some control apps (Auralic, for example) so it must be technically possible. It’s also available on the Qobuz app so if Qobuz connect ever appears, I guess that would solve the problem, but in the mean time, any chance?



A way to integrate Dirac Live, I have an impossible room and the ratio of wife happiness v number of panels allowed doesn’t quite sort it. Would love to stream using my iPad, but think I’m going to have to move over to a laptop to integrate correction.

Agree with peakman access to the pdf booklets would be really useful also access to detailed track info as in the qobuz app especially useful to check composer on recital type classical releases

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