Feature request thread

More playlist control.

It would be quite nice to be able blend one tracks ending with the next tracks start in playlists. This can be done with other services even allowing user selection of the fade in / blend time in seconds. I seem to remember this being available on Spotify I had it set to around 6 seconds which was great for entertaining at meals or parties.

Ability to turn off the proximity sensor on the Atom (or the Uniti range)…
I know the screen can be turned off during playback but if the unit is placed somewhere where you are constantly walking by the front of it, the proximity sensor will turn the screen on for a moment.

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You can see the booklet if it exists in Qobuz.
Tap the song that’s playing which brings up Play Queue then tap the 3 dots to the right and select Open booklet.
Is that what you mean @PeakMan?

Sorry, I know about that and no it does not open the booklet that accompanies the CD or download, which is what the Auralic app does, at least where Qobuz provides it. I think that the information in the Naim “booklet” is from Rovi database but not sure on that. A critical case is listening to an opera or song recital in a foreign language where the words are important and usually given in the CD booklet but not in the Naim app lookup. I think this is mostly an issue for classical (it’s mostly for classical that Qobuz offers booklets), which perhaps explains why not so many folk here mention it.

Incidentally, it does work on the Qobuz app, which gives a kind of workaround.



Ok Roger. It is Rovi btw

Chromecast and USB can be disabled/enabled via webclient (streamer ip/webclient in your web browser). Once there, go to Settings/Inputs & Sources, then for USB select ‘Disable Input’ and for Chromecast unselect ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’. No need for factory reset :slight_smile:


Sneaky! Well spotted, I hadn’t noticed that!

For me there are 2 things:

  1. Allow users to choose the ‘now playing’ screen. Currently the screen goes automatically to displaying full screen art-covers. Its fine, but when playing songs at random it would be good to check who am I listening to without waving in front of the screen or pressing buttons etc. A simple 3 stage choice would be good to have: 1 - artwork only, 2 - detailed information only, 3 - as it is currently.
  2. Some fonts used are small. There is so much wasted space on the screen and the pictograms are so big compared to the text. The text when playing from DAB+ input is ridiculously small. I am a guy in 50 so my eyesight is not as it used to be so to be able to read anything, I need to be max 20cm from it. Again, a simple user selected font sizes would be very beneficial for many, I guess.

You are an absolute star, thank you. And just to prove I could follow your instructions…

Something I’d really like (which is already provided by TIDAL’s API) is the identification of explicit/non-explicit albums and so forth. In TIDAL it has a little EXPLICIT tag, but within the NAIM app it shows the explicit and non-explicit versions of the albums, without currently telling you which version is which.


Thanks @MKas now with USB disabled all on 1 page. This had been discussed before,can’t remember where and just a bit surprised this fix wasn’t brought up.

That’s a good call, although there’s a little part of me that hopes they don’t. One of the most hilarious moments of my childhood was when listening to Ian Dury at my friends house. His mother, with split second timing, happened to enter the room just as the opening bars of Plaistow Patricia blasted across the room.
Anyone who has only ever heard the Tidal version might wonder what on Earth I’m talking about.

Here is a feature suggestion: the ability to preset a volume for turn on. Would be nice to avoid inadvertently blasting the house after my son has used the naim. Thanks!


Yes, this was mentioned by some, me included, on the old Forum. It was suggested that this was not achievable then.

Please @Stevesky enable the streamers (Muso, Uniti, ND) to be HQPlayer NAA endpoints.

I’m curious about what you want from HQPlayer? I’m vaguely aware that you could use it via Roon, but to be honest I’ve never bothered to think about adding yet another layer of software to the signal path.

Someone on one of the FB groups asked whether albums on a NAS can be marked as favourites. I couldn’t see that this is allowed now, so perhaps that could be a new add.


demand for more display functions for the uniti range was already mentioned.
I would love to see more user configurable display functions and illumination, too.

For example:

  • 24 hour mode for the clock.
  • Turning on the clock for more than a few seconds even permanent if the user likes
  • Or better: Custom display function for each input: ‘Off’, ‘on’, ‘clock’, etc …
    (For example ‘display on’ only for inputs where the information is changing like streaming or usb. And for others like HDMI or Analogue ‘display off’ or ‘clock’.)
  • Possibility to turn off the complete illumination (incl. Naim logo)
  • Possibility to turn off the illumination of the on/off button during standby
    (Would be great to control some of these functions with the remote)

(Sorry for repeating one or two points …)

Thanks regards

Another one for the display that seems to be quite logical is “show album on actual replay of music, else off (or clock)”.
Would be my preferred one. Currently if I want to see an album on replay I have to live with the display being on for 12 hours later if I pause the music. Not so nice when I pause the music to watch TV


That sounds very good. I totally agree.